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6 amusing facts about newborn kittens




Who doesn’t love a small kitten in their house? Not only are kittens cute and fuzzy but they are also the most adorable creatures on earth! A lot of people tend to buy a kitten rather than a full-grown cat as they can grow together with the kitten and share a lot of memories. The kittens have some hidden facts while a lot of people know about them there are some facts that people are unaware of. Here you will now find out 6 amusing facts about newborn kittens and what makes them so famous that they are one of the pets that a lot of people covet!

  1. They can neither see nor hear:

In other words, newborn cats are both deaf and blind as they are born with their ears folded inwards and their eyes tight shut. Their ears open up about one week after the birth and that is when kittens start slowly hearing the sounds around them.

On the other hand, it is usually after ten to twelve days after which a newborn kitten starts to open their eyes. Even after opening their eyes, their vision is still very poor and it isn’t quite developed until they are ten weeks or above.

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  1. Claws can’t be retracted:

It is seen that unlike in adult cats who can retract their claws once they let them out, baby cats cannot retract their claws once they have let them out. They are always out and can’t be retracted unless they are of about four weeks of age.

  1. Can’t go to the toilet by themselves:

Kittens that are below four weeks find it quite hard to go to the toilet by themselves. The intuition to go to the toilet is produced in the kittens by their mommies who lick their babies’ genitals after every meal.

If you are in a situation where the cat died while giving birth to the kitten or you have got a newborn kitten as a gift and do not have a mommy cat, then all you need to do is take a soft tissue and rub over the genitals in small circular motion till they get it over with.

It is at the age of three to four weeks when you should be starting to buy them on how to use the litter box.

  1. No teeth:

Unlike human babies who have teeth when they are born, kittens usually are born without teeth. Teeth in kittens only start growing after about two weeks of birth. Once they start growing these teeth also called the baby teeth they stay only till the age of eleven weeks and then their place is taken by the adult teeth. By six months kittens will have all 30 adult teeth fully formed.

  1. Blue eyes:

Kittens are always born with blue eyes and this color changes as they grow older. It is after seven or eight weeks that a color change in the eyes of kittens is observed. This color change is accompanied by the most common color which is the greenish-gold color in cats.

  1. Regulation of body temperature is quite hard by itself:

Hypothermia has been found to be one of the main reasons kittens die! This is due to the failure to regulate their body temperature on their own. One of the best things you can offer during such conditions is to keep them as near to their mom as possible.

If you have an orphan kitten to take care of then you can also keep them warm with the help of a heat source like a warm sock filled with rice or even a floor heater would work. Kittens tend to instinctively crawl towards heat even when they have bad eyesight and can’t hear properly.

Final words:

These were the 6 amusing facts that kittens have in them when they are newborns! Want to find out what other amusing facts are left to be discovered? Then you now buy kittens for sale through Mummy Cat and get to have a great time with a kitten that you can grow with right from their birth!

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