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Simple Guide on How It Is to Adopt and Live with a Munchkin Cat



Simple Guide on How It Is to Adopt and Live with a Munchkin Cat

Adopting a cat for the first or second time is a very wholesome adventure. Even if you have owned several cats during your life, it can still trigger a wide range of emotions inside you. As someone who loves animals, and enjoys the company of cats quite a lot, I can assure you this.

However, it is true that owning a cat, especially an adopted cat involves various challenges. Even more, if we are talking about a Munchkin, which is a type of midget cat with some specific necessities to cover.

If you are someone who doesn’t really know anything about how adopting a cat and how it is to live together with one, this article is definitely for you. We will talk about the most important aspects you should have in mind when adopting a cat as well as some of the things you should consider when doing so, and what you can do to further enhance the experience for both you and your new pet. With that said, let’s jump right into it.

First of All: The Adoption Process

First, before starting any adoption process (regardless of the type of animal and its breed) there are a few steps you should follow. Still, you must be prepared for what it englobes since you are pretty much making a promise of taking care of a life that might have very complex necessities that at first might seem like a challenge but eventually will be something easy to manage.

Now, the first thing you need to do is consider what type of pet you want. If you entered this specific article, you might be interested in owning a Munchkin cat. This specific breed is very special, and we will talk about it later in this article.

However, it is recommended to be open-minded and not get fixated on a specific type of breed, and the reason is very simple: by adopting, you are changing the life of a living creature! So, the more open-minded you are about this process, the easier it will be for you to find a pet that suits you, and the higher the chances of making an animal very happy.

As showcased over, adoption is always better than buying a pet for various reasons, but the main reason you should adopt is that you make sure that there’s a pet out there that will receive a home and a family, even if you are by yourself.

With that said, the adoption process is very simple. First of all, you should:

  1. Look for a shelter that has pets for adoption. In this case, you should look for a shelter that focuses on cats. This can be easily done with a single Google search, but some people like to find shelters on social media and see the pictures of the pets available for adoption.
  2. Visit the shelter to know all about the adoption process. It tends to be a straightforward process, but there are exceptions, and by visiting the shelter you’ll get to know the pets while receiving all the information you might need.
  3. If you are single, you won’t have to worry about the cat getting along with anyone but you. However, if you have a family, it might be wise to pay a home visit to the shelter and get to meet the cat you want to adopt with your family, so you get to see how it interacts with you and your kids.
  4. It is very common to pay an adoption fee for most adoptions involving a shelter. However, it is very affordable, and the money is used by the shelter to keep running the business and make sure that more and more pets are protected until they find their longed homes.

You need to know that it is common for adopted pets to suffer from separation anxiety, which is a type of anxiety that affects pets when they are left alone. It can be a little tricky to deal with at the beginning, but as long as you remain patient, the pet will get used to being alone.

Preparing for a Cat

Now, cats are very reliable pets. They don’t need some of the services and necessities that dogs need, since they can do their things by themselves as long as they have a litter box, they can groom themselves to remain clean, they are overall very clean animals, and although there are some misconceptions about them, they are very sociable and lovely.

It is recommended that you prepare for the adventure before adopting, though! Get your hands on a litter box, for example. Cat sand, wet and dry food, toys, brushes, a towel, shampoo, and if you can, get your hands on a collar and a leash. If you want to avoid damages to your furniture, get a scratching spot as well!

Of course, you don’t have to buy everything at once. You get the things you know for sure the cat will need, like the litter box, the sand, the food, and some bowls for it to eat. After that, you can slowly but steadily improve your weaponry as a pet owner.

The Munchkin Cat

Now, if you entered this article, it means that you are interested in the breed known as Munchkin. As showcased over, this breed is known for being a midget type of breed, meaning that Munchkin cats tend to be very short in size. Their legs, more specifically speaking, are very short in comparison to other breeds.

Still, they are great indoor domestic cats, very playful, sociable, and quick to bond with their owners and other animals. When it comes to their health, they are pretty similar to other breeds, so you won’t have to worry about specific diseases targeting them.

Something you need to deal with, however, is their lack of mobility because of their short legs. They can run very fast, but their jump power is very low, although this doesn’t stop them from trying to reach high spots of the house.

For that reason, it is recommended to create paths that the Munchkin can easily traverse so it doesn’t injure itself while adventuring in your house. Some people like to get their hands on platforms for cats, but if you are creative enough, objects of the house will do the trick. Just make sure the cat can use them as supporters for its mischiefs!

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Are Your Pets Stressed? 10 Signs to Look for



It’s not always easy to tell if your pet is stressed. There are many signs that you should be aware of, and they can vary depending on the type of animal you have. One thing is for sure – our pets don’t show the same obvious signs of stress that we humans exhibit, like sweaty foreheads or clenched fists.

It’s important to monitor your pet for elevated stress levels because then you can address them. Reducing stress can help pets live fuller, longer lives.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 10 identifiable behaviors and signs that your pet may be stressed. These apply equally to both dogs and cats and can vary depending on the unique personality of your fur kid. After we get through our list, we’re going to give you some tips for dealing with pet stress by discussing great options like trainers and natural supplements like pet CBD products.

Let’s get started!

Ten Signs That Your Pet Is Stressed

  1. Pacing: Pacing is one of the first signs that your pet may be stressed. Pets who are anxious often walk around for long periods of time, sometimes in circles or back and forth. If they’re having trouble settling, this may be an issue.
  2. Changes to Bathroom Routines: If you’re a cat owner, watch out for changes to your cat’s bathroom routine like accidents outside the litter box or urinating in odd places where they’ve never had accidents before. When it comes to house-trained dogs, indoor accidents are also a sign that something may be stressing them out. After you check with your vet to rule out any medical issues, it may be time to address your pet’s stress.
  3. Avoiding, Hiding and Escaping: Avoidance behavior, hiding and trying to escape are all behaviors that your pet may exhibit when they are feeling anxious or stressed. Your dog or cat may want to stay far away from the person, place or thing causing them stress and will use these tactics as ways to achieve that distance.
  4. Changes with Eating: Pets who are stressed might not want to eat, which means that appetite changes and strange eating behaviors should always be looked into by owners seeking answers for what might be stressing out their pets. If you notice that food remains uneaten for long periods or disappears from bowls without you seeing who’s eating it, this may indicate your four-legged best pal is dealing with some level of stress.
  5. Aggression: We’re back to the basics on this one, but it’s worth mentioning: Pets who are stressed may also startle easily and start acting aggressively. They may also vocalize their displeasure by barking or growling when they are feeling stressed out, and it isn’t unheard of that some may even try to bite. As noted by VCA Canada, pets that display aggression are not mean or bad, but are simply dealing with a perceived or anticipated threat or unpleasant outcome in the only way they know how.
  6. Body Posture: Many pets may also have tense muscles and a rigid body posture when they are stressed out, which is an easily recognizable sign for pet owners. This is very common when the stressor is in their immediate vicinity.
  7. Sleep Cycle Changes: Watch for your pet to have a change in their sleep cycle or find themselves sleeping more than usual. Pets who are stressed often experience changes in their sleeping patterns. This can be hard to recognize with breeds of dogs or cats that sleep a lot or senior animals, so special attention is needed.
  8. Drooling: Pets who are stressed will often have other obvious physical symptoms like excessive and prolonged drooling. Some breeds of dogs can be prone to more drool than others, but you’ll be able to recognize when it’s out of the ordinary. When you see this sign, you should check your pet’s gums to see if they’re pink in color and rule out any immediate medical issues. If you’re still unsure, get your pet checked out with the vet. If it’s discovered that they’re okay physically but dealing with stress, you can then find ways to help them.
  9. Panting: Excessive panting, especially when it isn’t hot out, is another way pets will show their stress levels. Yes, panting is a way that animals cool down. However, dogs and cats may pant when they are feeling anxious or stressed.
  10. Empathy: Sometimes our stress is what affects our pets the most, so addressing your own issues may be what’s best for your fur kid. Both dogs and cats may be affected in this way and can exhibit their stress or depression in the various ways we’ve discussed, from shaking when they sense there’s something wrong with us to decreased appetite to avoidance behaviors. This shows that pets know when we feel bad. The best thing that we can do for them in this case is practice a little self-care of our own.

Dealing with Your Pet’s Stress

As we’ve mentioned, when signs of stress show up, a visit to the vet is often the first thing you should do. This will rule out medical issues that may be prompting the behaviors you’ve noticed. If nothing comes up with the vet, it’s time to look at your own home, routine and think about recent changes.

Pinpointing what is stressing your pet and removing those stressors from your home may be the first step to getting your fur kid back to their old self. This can include removing triggers like appliances that make loud noises or frightening objects in the home, such as new decor like large vases or sculptures. If you can’t remove those stressors entirely, keeping your pet away from them will be the next best thing.

Exercise is a great way to help lower stress levels in pets, and it’s another thing that we should be addressing at all times regardless of if they’re showing signs of stress or not. Diet is another way to help with stress levels. We recommend you speak with a qualified veterinarian or pet nutritionist regarding what might be best for your pet based on their specific needs and health condition.

If you can’t get any of these methods to work, you may want to work with a qualified trainer who uses positive behavioral training techniques. Seek out this kind of trainer so as not to increase your pet’s anxiety any more than necessary or make things worse by using old-fashioned punishment methods.

Lastly, using natural supplements may also have some benefits in reducing anxiety of dogs or cats who are more prone to it. Some pets deal with anxiety their entire lives, but others experience it more acutely after major changes like a move or the addition of a new pet or family member. This is especially true with cats and using something like CBD oil for cats can be really helpful. Cat CBD products are simple to use and can be added to their food, with similar options existing for dogs as well.

Final Thoughts

The topic of pets and their mental health is something that many people don’t think about, but it’s an important one when you consider the fact that we dedicate so much time and love to our four-legged family members. Their well-being is our well-being and helping them out in any way we can is a worthy endeavor.

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6 amusing facts about newborn kittens





Who doesn’t love a small kitten in their house? Not only are kittens cute and fuzzy but they are also the most adorable creatures on earth! A lot of people tend to buy a kitten rather than a full-grown cat as they can grow together with the kitten and share a lot of memories. The kittens have some hidden facts while a lot of people know about them there are some facts that people are unaware of. Here you will now find out 6 amusing facts about newborn kittens and what makes them so famous that they are one of the pets that a lot of people covet!

  1. They can neither see nor hear:

In other words, newborn cats are both deaf and blind as they are born with their ears folded inwards and their eyes tight shut. Their ears open up about one week after the birth and that is when kittens start slowly hearing the sounds around them.

On the other hand, it is usually after ten to twelve days after which a newborn kitten starts to open their eyes. Even after opening their eyes, their vision is still very poor and it isn’t quite developed until they are ten weeks or above.

  1. Claws can’t be retracted:

It is seen that unlike in adult cats who can retract their claws once they let them out, baby cats cannot retract their claws once they have let them out. They are always out and can’t be retracted unless they are of about four weeks of age.

  1. Can’t go to the toilet by themselves:

Kittens that are below four weeks find it quite hard to go to the toilet by themselves. The intuition to go to the toilet is produced in the kittens by their mommies who lick their babies’ genitals after every meal.

If you are in a situation where the cat died while giving birth to the kitten or you have got a newborn kitten as a gift and do not have a mommy cat, then all you need to do is take a soft tissue and rub over the genitals in small circular motion till they get it over with.

It is at the age of three to four weeks when you should be starting to buy them on how to use the litter box.

  1. No teeth:

Unlike human babies who have teeth when they are born, kittens usually are born without teeth. Teeth in kittens only start growing after about two weeks of birth. Once they start growing these teeth also called the baby teeth they stay only till the age of eleven weeks and then their place is taken by the adult teeth. By six months kittens will have all 30 adult teeth fully formed.

  1. Blue eyes:

Kittens are always born with blue eyes and this color changes as they grow older. It is after seven or eight weeks that a color change in the eyes of kittens is observed. This color change is accompanied by the most common color which is the greenish-gold color in cats.

  1. Regulation of body temperature is quite hard by itself:

Hypothermia has been found to be one of the main reasons kittens die! This is due to the failure to regulate their body temperature on their own. One of the best things you can offer during such conditions is to keep them as near to their mom as possible.

If you have an orphan kitten to take care of then you can also keep them warm with the help of a heat source like a warm sock filled with rice or even a floor heater would work. Kittens tend to instinctively crawl towards heat even when they have bad eyesight and can’t hear properly.

Final words:

These were the 6 amusing facts that kittens have in them when they are newborns! Want to find out what other amusing facts are left to be discovered? Then you now buy kittens for sale through Mummy Cat and get to have a great time with a kitten that you can grow with right from their birth!



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20+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Pets Adopting



Advantages and Disadvantages of Pets

Keeping or having pets has many advantages but on the other hand, it has many disadvantages. Yes, friends! In this essay, we’ll read all the pros and cons of pets. In the Asian region we have very little importance of pets, it’s’ almost zero or we can say they have no importance. But in the developed countries mostly in the USA, Canada, UK, and European region animals have value like humans. Owning a pet is a big responsibility, well if you don’t have any animal in your life then you must be searching for the Advantages of Pet. And if you already have it or you are not satisfied with your little animal then you will have many ideas in your mind about the Disadvantages of Pet. Below is the short answer for you about the animals and after that, we have details on these points. So let’s take a look at the impacts and importance of having pets.

List of Pros Having Pets

  1. Mental Health
  2. Physical Health
  3. Social Support
  4. Your Best Friend
  5. Keep you Busy
  6. Help you to make New friends
  7. Find Lost things
  8. Helps in your work
  9. Take Care of your home
  10. Teach your kids
  11. Pet Business
  12. Pure Milk
  13. Study Research

List of Cons Having Pets

  1. Financial cost
  2. Time Taking
  3. Take Care like Kids
  4. Medical Treatment
  5. Allergies
  6. Cons of Poop
  7. Attacking
  8. Required Separate Shelter
  9. Traveling Disadvantages
  10. Make People Scared
  11. Need Training
Advantages of Pet
Dog and a Girl sets alone like a friends.

What are the Advantages of Getting a Pet?

  • Mental Health

Keeping and having good animals keep you busy and mentally healthy. They kick your boredom and keep you engaging with themselves and decrease your mentally depressed level. 

  • Physical Health

Like mental health, pets also keep you fit and force you to play with them in an open place and keep you physically fit. As a sportsperson, you would be always fit if you have pets for a long time. Pets mostly like to play football, play with balls and freebies, etc. 

  • Social Support

The advantages of getting a pet do not end there. Keeping a beautiful and little puppy or a little pretty cat also supports you on your social media. Because there are many people that love pets and like you because of Pets.

  • Your Best Friend

I love to like this point about the pros of keeping animals at home. Because you will never ever find best-ever friends than pets. Because you never fight you, never force you for anything, never heats like your friends.

  • Keep you Busy

In the daytime or in the night when you become free and have nothing to do. Pets will keep you engaged with themselves. Playing, cleaning, and their foods and other treatments will keep you busy always. 

  • Help you to make New friends

Another good point about having pets is they help you to make new friends. Online and offline in both ways. People on the internet like your pets and want to know more about them and become your friends. Offline they like your pets physically and want to play with them so they are engaging with you because of your animal. 

  • Find Lost things

Special types of pets that are trained as an army will help you to find your lost things. Not in the near range even if they are trained for special purposes can find the lost things in the distance of kilometers. Do you like the pros of getting a pet, answer in the comments box? 

  • Helps in your work

In the list of “Advantages and Disadvantages of Pets,” I like this point especially because they help us to complete our work. Here we are talking about pets like donkeys and horses. Because with the help of these types of big animals we can travel without any cost with house stock also.

  • Take Care of your home

Some big dogs like German Shepherd and Bulldog are the complete safety of your house. They protect your home from thieves and robbers.

  • Teach your kids

Having pets and kids in your house have advantages for both. Because they play with each other and comfortable with each other. Little kids learn so many things from your pet habits. 

  • Pet Business

At the end of the advantages of having pets, we have an idea for business persons. They can start animal buying and selling a business and earn good enough money from that business. 

  • Pure Milk

Another good thing about having animals like Goat, sheep, and cow you can get pure milk without water that helps your health. Not only you the milk from one cow is enough for a big family. We can make dozens of other items and take full benefits from that milk.

  • Study Research

If you are a medical student and want to become a doctor then you must have pets in your home. Because it helps your studies and clears your hundred of concepts. Just like a student of computer science needs computers. As like that the students of medical need at least one animal in their home. Also, check out flea collar for cats at the Dewel Pro store.

A little girt and pet advantages of pets
A little girl walk with her little pet

So dear readers the above were some benefits of owning a pet. Now we will move to our second part and read details about the negative effect or drawbacks of having a pet. 

What are the Disadvantages of Getting a Pet?


  • Financial cost

In the list of disadvantages of pets, the first debate is very simple and it is all about money and cost. Of course, you know well that the living cost and it’s food is not in fare prices. The food price of owning animals is very high except that there are many other expenses like sports items, jackets, etc.

  • Time Taking

Another negative impact of having pets that you must give proper time to your doggy, cat, horse, donkey, sheep, goat, etc whatever you have. If you are not giving proper time to your pets then you must sell it or never buy. Because they need love and care otherwise they become ill.

  • Take Care like Kids

You have a dog or cat that doesn’t matter the main thing that matters is “Proper Care of pets”. If you have then it will be challenging for you because they need care like a small born baby. For some peoples, this task is very hesitating, if you can’t take proper care then hire a special person for that. 

  • Medical Treatment

Do you have a fever or flu you will be suddenly moved to the doctor? But what about your pets we have very fewer numbers of animal doctors in areas. Especially in the villages, they are unavailable. So the medical treatment is one of the biggest negative effects in the list of merits and demerits of having pets. You can also check easy homemade dog treats that you can prepare in minutes.

  • Allergies

Do you know how to treat dog allergies? If your answer is NO then why you have the dog. The main point is that there are many animal diseases which are dangerous. If these diseases spread and move to humans it might be very dangerous for humans. So you must have the proper plan and everything ready before buying your pet. 

  • Cons of Poop

Having experiences of cleaning the poop of dog or cat. It is very hesitating and needs a strong stomach to do this task. So keep in mind before buying your favorite pet that you are the person that cleans the poop of the dog or cat. 

  • Attacking Disadvantages

In the list of advantages and disadvantages of getting a pet, the seventh point is a little bit dangerous for the outsiders. If your dog went out of home or with you in the way they don’t trust too much to leave him/her alone. Because they can attach anytime any person at once.

  • Required Separate Shelter

As we all know that there are many expenses of keeping your lovely animal. In the list of disadvantages, you must buy or create a new separate shelter for your pet. 

  • Traveling Disadvantages

Another drawback of getting the pet is you can’t travel. If you want to travel you must keep your dog with you or if you leave at home must hire a responsible person for that to take care of.

  • Make People Scared

Some big types of dogs like German Shepard are looks like a cheetah or very scary and they are in reality. This is not a good sign that every person scared of your pets you must keep only those types of animals that attractive and not scary. 

  • Need Training

Some special types of animals must need the training for special tacks. We know that these are not so easy but it has a lot of other advantages. 

Disadvantages of Pets
Dog in the car not good for traveling in car

Calming Bed for Dogs

Some dogs get more anxious than others. It’s hard to predict what makes them anxious and whether the situation can progress to a more severe condition called anxiety disorder. The biggest triggers of dog anxiety are fear and separation.

For example, when the dog reacts to strange noises or people try to keep him in the favorite calming bed for dogs until the negative stimuli pass. Dogs need to have something or someone to keep them company and make them feel safe.

If you know your puppy all too well – the body language can give you important information on how the animal is feeling. Whenever you notice uncomfortable or scared body posture – try to implement a positive training moment.

Dog anxiety treatment is a complex process involving training, medications, supplements, and changes in lifestyle. All cases of dog anxiety should be consulted with a veterinarian.


What are you waiting for want to buy or not it depends on you because my aim was to tell you the “Pros and cons of pets” that I did. Or you think about the best pet for owning, so I can give you a good idea there are many other good animals and birds except dogs and cats.  Like if you buy goat or cow then there are many more advantages and benefits like milk etc. Or you can buy Pigeons, parrot, a little parrot, etc. it’s depending all on your nature.

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