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6 Amazing Health Benefits of having Fibre in your Diet




Suffering from a problem and web searching it! How many of you have done this?

Well, most of us, I suppose.

It is worth considering how technology has changed our perspective towards diseases and their treatment.

Simple web search results can introduce us to the huge information regarding diseases, their treatment and much more. However, our favourite part of this information is the home remedies and the health pieces of advice.

Eat More Fibre! Our Most Favourite HEALTH advice

When it comes to health advice, food and nutrition is a subject everyone has a word to say to it. Among many health bits of advice, adding fibre to our diet remains on the top. You must have heard this before.

Not only your favourite bloggers are advocating the use of fibre in the diet but many specialists too. Considering a relevant example, my uncle who was on the verge of a heart problem was advised by his cardiologist at Hamza Hospital in Lahore to make some major changes in his lifestyle and diet. A part of his disease prevention plan was the inclusion of fibre in the diet.

Have you ever wondered what the hype on fibre is about? Read on to know more about this!

What is fibre?

Before diving deeper into this, let’s start with the introduction: What is fibre?

By definition, fibre is defined as a non-digestible carbohydrate. This fibre can be naturally found in your foods (dietary fibre) or can be either synthesized artificially (functional fibre). We can get fibre from our diet by eating fibre rich foods or can consume it.

Typically, recommended consumption of daily fibre should be 35 and 38rams for both females and males respectively.

Health Benefits of Fiber

You must be wondering why so much emphasis on fibre consumption is? Let’s know about the health benefits of fibre consumption.

1- Fiber aids in Digestion

An efficient digestive system is crucial for your overall health. While there are many factors that affect your digestive health, on the other hand, there are many other foods that can help your digestion. Fibre is another such component. Fibre improves your bowel movements and improves conditions like constipation and watery stools.

2- Fiber keeps you full for a longer time

Considering the water absorption potential of fibre all of us are aware of how a little amount of fibre swells. Conversion of fibre into a high volume mass is known to keep you full for a longer time. If you are a weight loss struggler you can understand the importance of these fulfilling foods. Foods like fibre help you to maintain a calorie deficit while not starving yourself.

3- Reduces cholesterol levels

High cholesterol level is a red flag for your overall health, especially for your cardiac health. Consistently high cholesterol level is a risk factor that should be countered as soon as possible. Among many ways to lower your cholesterol level, the consumption of fibre is an effective way. It lowers the level of LDL or bad cholesterol in your blood that can take a toll on your cardiac health.

4- Fiber consumption boosts your metabolism

Your body metabolism is quite important for the overall performance of your body. Consumption of fibre is known to boost your body metabolism. Fibre is hard to digest which makes your body put more effort into its digestion thus, improving the metabolic speed of your body.

5- Efficient bowel movements

Poor bowel movements can be problematic and can be hard to bear with. However, consumption of fibre can help to improve your bowel movements to a greater extent. My uncle who used to suffer from this problem was asked to consume fibre from his doctor at Niazi Hospital. Improved bowel movements are crucial for your overall health.

6- Healthy gut microbiota

The presence of gut microbes is important for our immunity and overall health. Fibre consumption can significantly improve your gut microbes, reducing your chances of suffering from health problems. Fibre consumption keeps your gut microbes healthy that is crucial for your overall well being and helps to tackle many chronic health problems.


Fibre is an integral part of our diet that we mostly get through the foods. Fibre consumption offers many health benefits from helping you lose weight to minimizing your risk of heart diseases. Thus, it is advisable to add the recommended amount of fibre to your diet to enjoy maximum health benefits from it.


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