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6 Tech Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep



6 Tech Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep


In our day-to-day life, mobile screens, laptop screens, and smart TV screens have become important in a way that we can’t stay away from them for a while. From online classes to online conferences, all day our eyes are tirelessly working to glare onto a screen. You may be doing work, or studying from documents but all you are doing are through a lighted-up small screen in front of your eyes. Unknowingly, the blue light emitted by them is causing harm to you. These electronics make your body jump up every time from sleep, as soon as a notification pops on the screen. It is disrupting your sleep in the worst way possible.

These devices have engrossed our minds in a way that they keep us awake and make it hard to sleep at night. You may be playing games or watching a movie, or even doing work late at night, just before going to sleep. This affects your mind and doesn’t let it be calm and bring you to sleep. So it’s better if they are not placed anywhere in the vicinity of your bedroom. But not all can be so harmful to you. These are some sleep-inducing apps that can help you sleep better at night.

Here Are A Few Tips To Help You :

Decrease Your Mobile Screen Time

Certain advances in technology have made it easier for us to adjust our mobile settings to help induce sleep. If you decrease the brightness of your screen or use night mode, then the amount of blue light reaching your eyes decreases. And you will notice that your eyes are waterless and painless than before. Some phones even have eye comfort shield settings to protect your eyes from harmful rays of the mobile screen. Using airplane mode, can stop the clinging of the phone and wake you up in the middle of the night.

Use Certain Sleep Tracker Apps

Using such devices can help you keep track of your sleeping pattern like, when you go to sleep and when you wake up. If the duration is too small, you need to improve your sleeping schedule. Even though these apps are not fully correct, they can at least help you a little. Sleep Cycle apps can even suspect movements while you are in deep sleep.

Using Apps That Help You To Sleep

Numerous apps are being made by the new technologies that are solely made to help you sleep better at night. They can be soft melodies or yoga poses and meditation which can help you form a routine and choose a path to improve your health and ease of mind. This can ultimately help you sleep. Melodies can remove the stress from your mind from all the hard work you do all day and bring peace and calm to yourself. While there are few instruments or tunes or sound effects that induce deep sleep. Loud music not only harms your sense of hearing but also can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. So listening to soft soothing music is a great alternative.

Smart Beds And Other Useful Technologies

Smart beds allow you to control pressure, climate, sleep-inducing vibrations, and other features. They also help you to shush the loud noises made by your partner by the white noise technique. Not only smart beds but also it’s better to choose pillows based on our sleeping pattern. There are different types of pillows available which are made up of different quality materials and you can choose according to your requirement and comfort.

Even the subtle blinking lights of the Dodow device can emit soft rays to help you sleep better. This brings your heartbeat down, calms your body, and makes you relaxed. This helps to ensure a good sleep.

Avoid sleeping in the daylight

Waking up early and going to bed early are two main factors taught to us from childhood. If you maintain it, then surely you will be able to sleep better at night. After a good lunch, usually, a good sleep comes. But rather than sleeping at that time, use the mobile apps to keep you awake. And don’t intake black coffee or such drinks that keep you awake at night. They harm your health on regular intake. Let your body relax and sleep at night, wake up early to do the unfinished work.

Keep Your Child’s Health In Check

When your son is watching movies or playing games at night it can affect his sleeping schedule. So, as a concerned parent, you can come up with a ‘ bedtime’ application to switch off the WiFi connection. You can even use some smart appliances- which dim or switch off the lights in your child’s room. It forces them to stay away from the phone and sleep. Keeping an eye on the usage of the phone through some phone settings can also help you manage your child’s lifestyle. You can also make them work out and keep on track of those through workout trackers.

Also choose the right blanket size, which can accommodate you and ensure good sleep. Your blanket size and weight must be in sync with your body and that is how you can have a peaceful and comfortable sleep.


About 70 million people suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorders due to frequent use of mobiles and late-night usage of electronic screens. Several teenagers use their phones in bed and keep them beside them while sleeping at night. This has bad effects on their sleeping habits. They usually wake up at night or have a disturbed sleep throughout the night. Restricting the use of phones and keeping away the phones from the bedroom is the best option to promote sleep. Ensure that your child doesn’t play games at night.

Using a sleep tracker and workout tracker is a good option to look into your sleeping cycle and workout time. If your workout time increases then your body will be tired enough to help you sleep better. And the above points have cleared on what to do best to help you have a deep sleep.


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