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7 Top Reasons To Pursue A Masters In Interior Design Course



7 Top Reasons To Pursue A Masters In Interior Design Course

Successful careers in any field require a constant upgrade in terms of knowledge and skills. The best possible way for this upgrade is to take up higher education.

In the field of interior design, constant development and advancements plunge in frequently. Owing to these changes and developments, interior designers should upscale themselves by opting for a Master’s in interior design at the best interior design colleges in Delhi.

Come on. Get to know about the interior design master’s course and the top reasons to pursue it.

Master Interior Design Course – What is it?

The master in interior design course at renowned interior design colleges in Delhi is designed to educate students about the technologies, methodologies, intricacies, and nuances in interior designing any constructional outlay.

This course inculcates the skills that are required to analyse, plan and provide a perfect interior design masterpiece. Students are educated in the recent developments, trends and techniques of interior design in this course at the best design colleges in Delhi NCR.

In general, masters in interior design courses are offered for a duration of 2 years.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Procedure:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a master’s in interior design at the best institute for interior designing in Delhi are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed a Bachelor’s in any discipline with at least 50% aggregate score.

Admission to PG in interior design courses at leading colleges such as JS Institute of Design which offers the best interior design courses in Delhi and others is usually provided by conducting entrance exams and personal interviews.

Syllabus of Master Interior Design;

The syllabus of the Master Interior Design course at the best interior design institute in Delhi is curated by industrial experts to offer students in-depth clear education and training in interior design.

Here is the syllabus.

First-year Second-year 
Design FoundationLighting Design
Sketch-up and V-RAYCommunication Design II – Graphic Design
Workshop II – Design ThinkingBusiness of Interior Design
Product Design Material SourcingAdd-on Vocational Classes Landscape Design
Communication Design I – Writing in Design DraftingSpecialisation (any 2)
Interior Services Space Design Residence Project
Estimating and Costing

With a clear vision of the master’s interior design course offered at the best interior design colleges in Delhi, let us get to know the top 7 reasons to pursue an interior design masters degree.

Pursue Master in Interior Design – Top 7 Reasons:

Pursuing a master’s degree in interior design at the leading design institute in Delhi and others have a great range of advantages and here are some of them that make pursuing the degree worthwhile.

Specialization and Expertise:

A Bachelor’s degree in interior design offers a fundamental level of education in interior design, yet this field holds an expansive content to learn. This is where a master’s degree will help.

A Master’s program in interior design at the best interior design colleges in Delhi allows you to delve deeper into specific areas of interior design, enabling you to specialize in fields such as sustainable design, healthcare design, hospitality design, or residential design. This specialization can make you more competitive in the job market and enhance your expertise.

Advancement in Career:

A Master’s degree in interior design pursued at the best interior design colleges in Delhi unlocks more advanced career opportunities, including leadership and management roles. 

Master interior design education convinces employers that the graduate would possess in-depth knowledge and skills thus making you a more attractive candidate for higher-level positions.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities:

Pursuing a masters degree in interior design at a renowned design institute in Delhi will provide an excellent environment for networking with professors, fellow students, and industry professionals. Establishing connections with people in the interior design field can lead to internships, job opportunities, and collaborations, helping you build a strong professional network which can be a climbing ladder in your career.

Advanced Resource Learning:

Master’s programs in interior design offer access to state-of-the-art facilities, libraries, and technology. This enables you to conduct advanced research, experiment with cutting-edge design tools, and stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in the industry. This facility will be a boon for the students to learn advanced techniques for a better career.

Global Perspective:

Some Master’s programs in interior design at the best interior design colleges in Delhi include international components, such as study abroad opportunities, collaborations with global design firms, or exposure to diverse cultural influences. This global perspective can broaden your understanding of design and provide a competitive edge in a globalized job market.

Portfolio Enhancement:

A portfolio is the speaking tool for your expertise in the interior design field. Engaging in advanced projects during a Master’s program in interior design at leading design colleges in Delhi allows you to build a strong portfolio showcasing your skills and creativity. A compelling portfolio is a crucial asset when applying for jobs or seeking clients in the competitive field of interior design.

Professional Recognition and Licensing:

In some regions, having a Master’s degree in interior design may contribute to meeting the educational requirements for professional licensing. Obtaining a license can enhance your credibility and open up additional career opportunities, especially if you aspire to run your own design firm or work on projects that require a licensed professional.

These are the top 7 reasons that make the interior design master program at the best interior design colleges in Delhi worthwhile and career-advancing tools.


Exploring new concepts and techniques by pursuing a masters in interior design at the best interior design colleges in Delhi will be a great boon for your career. Take up the course right now to climb higher in your career profile within the construction industry.


  1. What is the average salary for interior designers after a Masters in Interior Design?

The average salary for interior designers after a Master’s degree in Interior Design is around INR 9 LPA which will increase with higher education and experience.

  1. Is a Master in Interior Design tough?

No, studying Masters in Interior Design is not tough if you have passion for the course along with creative skills.

  1. What are the skills required for interior design?
  • Creativity
  • Designing skills
  • Drawing Skills
  • Patience 
  • Time Management
  1. What are the job roles available after a Masters in Interior Design?
  • Interior Designer
  • Spatial Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser
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