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Advantages and Disadvantages of Certificate of Deposit



Certificate of Deposit

The way of earning interest on money that a person saves by locking it away for a certain time is called a certificate of deposit. If a person finding a suitable place to park his funds for a definite period and calmness of his mind certificate of deposit is the worth option. In CDs, banks give a certificate stating the amount an investor deposited, the interest rate being paid, and how long money must retain in the account. CDs keep the money safe while earning interest. However, if a buyer tries to make money out there will be penalties for him.

How do CD Works?

  • Firstly, buy a CD at a reasonable price.
  • The interest will grow in regular intervals or annually. 
  • An investor can earn money from CD by just sitting at home.
  • At the end of the term when the CD matures an investor receives his original amount along with interest back.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Certificate of Deposit 

Advantages of CDs

Here are the various advantages of CD. Many advantages make CD appealing to investors. Given below are CD advantages:

  • Security

Secure investment is comparatively the most attractive aspect of the certificate of deposits. The matured CD maintains its expected purchase value even when the market value changes. 

  • Terms Flexibility

Here is an option for the investors that he can choose a strategy that meets their needs. An investor can go with long-term and short-term CDs according to his financial conditions. Long-term CDs yield much more than a short-term CDs. But short-term CD can also yield more if store in saving accounts of high-interest.

Here are some additional forms of CD investors can choose from:

  • Step-up CDs

Step-up CD allows the investor to lock the rate of interest in a deposit account for a determined or short period of months. In step-up CDs purchasing rates of savers step-up at regular intervals. When CD matures interested rates in accounts increases generally many times.

  • Liquid CDs

An investor can make withdrawals without receiving low or no penalty in liquid CD. Investments such as mutual funds, bonds, and stocks are considered liquid assets. It offers low rates of interest as compared to traditional CDs. 

  • IRA CDs

IRA CDs are CDs in individual retirement accounts. IRA CD investing is a secure and famous strategy of investment. If an investor is looking for the best option that guaranteed returns his retirement funds so, IRA CDs are the option. By this, a person can save his money for retirement.

  • Bump-up CDs

It allows investors to exploit new interest rates that are relatively higher than previous during the complete duration of the CD. It is also known as raise-up the CD rate. It gives options to increase the CD during its term of maturity.

  • CD Ladder

It is a group of CDs with different term lengths. An investor can choose a ladder besides flexible terms. It is a strategy in which a saver divides its money equally and invests it in CDs with variant maturity dates. When CD matures the invested money along with interest is again reinvested. It creates a reoccurring investment a CD is again invested for five years. It will reduce the reinvestment and interest rate risk. The interest paid rate will be higher when the term is also higher.

  • Better than Saving Accounts

The expected interest yield of saving accounts is about 2.0 to 2.15%. The average interest yield of CD is around 2.71 to 2.35% which are the best rates. Interest rates that apply to CD are relatively far greater than the rates of saving accounts with a longer-term.

  • Predictability

CD brings predictable income rates which are its reputed feature. An investor has all the information that what will be the exact worth of investment at the end of the term. When CD matures there will be no decrease or increase in accrued interest. These are free from market-based surprises that are present in the stock market.

Disadvantages of CDs

Although it is secure and predictable it is not suitable for everyone like those investors who want cash before maturity or those who want higher return rates of their investments. Here are some disadvantages:

  • Low Returns

Although the return rate of CD is relatively too higher than saving accounts but too lower than the higher-risks and aggressive bonds and stock investments.

  • Risk of Inflation

In most cases, the inflation rate greatly increased than the CD interests generally the inflation rate is not compatible with CDs. There are always risks for the investors that if inflation is increased, the investment will lose its rate of purchase time by time and interest gain will reduce. 

  • NO Liquidity

CDs are designed in a way to attract savers to keep their money in CD till the end of term until it matures. Generally, people cannot withdraw money from CD as they can do with saving accounts. In this way, assets cannot be considered liquid. When the savers withdraw money before the term they have to pay a penalty or extra fee.

  • Risks of Re-investment

Investors who invest money in CD rates will face re-investment risks. When the rate of interest is reducing their investment yield is also decreased. 

  • Burden of Tax

The burden of tax is also the downside for the investors of CD. If an investor is facing low rates of interest and interest of tax decrease the amount of interest to a much lower rate. It can be adjusted by those who have knowledge about tax rates and plan according to it.


Certificate of Deposit are the financial products offered by banks that give the premium interest rate to the investors on their money. An investor cannot draw the money for three, six, or eighteen months. It is a safe strategy of investment. The interest rate can be fixed or different. A person can choose a CD strategy of his need. But there are some risks for the investors. These risks can be overcome by making a CD ladder of various maturities in the shorter term able the investors to take benefit of higher rates when their CD matures.

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