10+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer in Points

Computer is the best invention of human but it has both advantages and disadvantages. The right use of computer will help you to move forward in your life and the bad or negative use of computer can badly effect on your life and can put your life in danger. Today in this topic we’ll read all the advantages and disadvantages of computer in the shape of full essay in points vise. So before going toward its advantages and disadvantages you must have to know that what is computer.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Computer in Points

What is Computer?

This is the famous sentence that the computer is an electronic machine or an electronic device. It get input your data and process it and after processing give you result that is called output. Computer is not only the CPU and monitor it may be your smart watch, calculator, and mobile phone is also a type of computer. Here are advantages and disadvantages of computer but we’ll read first the Advantages, Uses, Merits and Pros of Computer in our daily life;

What are the Advantages of Computer?

  1. The first advantage of computer is that it can store your data for hundreds of years. You can easily store and restive your data when you need.
  2. Computer can be benefit for the students to write their assignments and notes in the shape of proper book.
  3. Thousands of widgets can help you to get information and set reminders, calculations and much more in computer system.
  4. Another advantage of computer is that you can download and install various software and work in these software.
  5. Create presentation for your school, college, engineering etc. projects with the help of computer system.
  6. In every country all the Government departments use the computer to store the high amount of data. Such as national Id card department, police stations, TV Stations and hospitals and many other thousand departments.
  7. The good knowledge of computer will help you to get better job opportunities in your career. Now in today’s world the use of computers are everywhere and the person have the computer knowledge preferred on the top.
  8. For freshness you can use your computer as a sports activity and get entertain by watching videos and playing games.
  9. With the help of Internet computer can be a communication system to the global village. If you are using the Internet then you must read the article about Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet.
  10. Design, Capture and print your ideas and pictures by computer.
  11. Having internet connection with your computer will connect you to the friends and family everywhere in the world. You can make video calls, audio calls and send photos to each other.
  12. Sit at home and work at home on your computer and make money while sitting at home. It’s all possible with the help of system.
  13. If we look around our country will stop without computer because every office every department have computer. Like printing press, lawyer offices, hospitals, police stations, jewelry design, fashion designers etc.

What are the Disadvantages of Computer?

  1. Here is also the first point is all about data storage, at one side you can save big data in your hard drive but the disadvantage is that you can lost it by many reasons like, viruses, bad-sectors, or window corrupt.
  2. Not only lost or defected by viruses, it can also be stolen or hacked by hackers in a while.
  3. For specific software you need to hire a skill person like for designing you need to hire designer. You can’t use all softwares and don’t know all commands. Every specific software has their skilled persons.
  4. Without needs if you are using or buying it. It can be just waste of money and waste of time as well. It becomes older and may lost their values because every day the new models and new companies lunching the latest versions of the system.
  5. In old ages before 100 year, 10 peoples were working in office now the work of these ten peoples computer can do alone. So at one side this point may be beneficial on the other hand it can be disadvantages because it reduces the job opportunities.
  6. Low quality computer damage your health and eyesight as well, so always use good and high quality system. The example of this point is “Monitor” because the waves of monitor damage your eyesight very fast.
  7. All the computers are do automatic operation well if you will operate any machine which is control with computers can be very dangerous because if you give the wrong command to computer, it will be very dangerous.
  8. The other drawback of computer is the waste of money and waste of memory too. We have found number of cases people watch movies and do it practically.
  9. The biggest demerit of computer is bringing you so far from your family and friends. So don’t make your addict to use every time.
  10. The last thing about computer is it has no feelings like human.

Ending Note

Well that was the little essay about Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer. If you want to add your opinion or points in “Advantages of Computer” or in “Disadvantages of Computer” tell us in comment box so we will add it in our article. Well I want to say one and last thing about this essay that it is all depend on you and me either you are using it for your advantages or disadvantages.

Here is the quick and time saving video for you to get all the benefits and drawbacks of computer in few seconds. Watch video till the end and share your opinion in comment box about our article. We will make it more better for our audience and readers.

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