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Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptop in Points



A laptop is a portable electronic device like a computer system, which has both Advantages and Disadvantages. Around ten years ago these were the age of computers and we found the Pentium-4 computers in the rich person’s houses or offices. But as technology growing ups, the uses of electronic devices are increases. Competition between the companies gives the benefits to the uses to buy a good quality product in fewer prices. Now is the age that everyone tries to buy a laptop instead of a computer for personal use as well for office use because of its merits. There are many Advantages of a Laptop as well as Disadvantages of Laptop too. Let’s read all the benefits and drawbacks of the laptop computer in points;

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptop
Merits and Demerits of Laptop

What are the Advantages of Laptop?

  1. The first benefits of having a laptop are mobility, compact in size, lightweight, having a battery no need for wire when it is charging. The good battery gives the three to four-hour backup.
  2. It can be move from one place to another easier; we can use it in the car, bus, and train, etc. This is the biggest advantage that we can access our data where and whenever we need it.
  3. The laptop is the full finished package with all the necessary devices built-in like; mouse pad, keyboard, camera, battery, speakers and microphones, etc. Now the latest models also support the touch system with two cameras and easily be able to separate, we can also use a tablet.
  4. Internet advantages of laptops give the facility of wireless connection built-in. The function of Wi-Fi is beneficial to connect your laptop with internet everywhere in hotels, parks, restaurants, bus stops, and airports and enjoy the facility of 3G and 4G Internet.
  5. We can also use it for our offline operations and presentations at offices and meetings.
  6. Laptop always required low power voltages as compared to another computer system. So it saves your electricity bill and never uses high power.
  7. Read another big advantages of laptop in the list of benefits of knowledge is to open up the repairing shop of laptop and earn good money by repairing.
  8. If you haven’t knowledge the repairing let’s start a maximum business and buy and sell old and new laptops along with the other parts like keyboards, mice or other accessories to get financial profits.
  9. Due to portability, you are I can work fast and quickly because as we have little time in the way, on the bus or train we can do our work and save time.
  10. Most colleges and universities start the e-teaching and e-learning courses, in case we miss the class so we have the notes and assignment in soft form.
  11. Frest Your Mind: in free time or when you get bored or tired then we have little mental relaxation. For that purpose, we can play video games to get some more relaxation benefits by playing video games on the best gaming laptop.

What are the Disadvantages of Laptop?

  1. The first “drawback of laptop” is the sensitivity, as compared to computer system laptop can be easily moved from one place to another. We have found many cases of laptop drops from hand or from the table, in case of this, we can’t save it from damages.
  2. Some people use the laptop the same as the other computer system, the proper and sage use of laptop gives a long time battery health while the wrong use of it can damages the battery very soon.
  3. As compare the cost of the laptop to the other computer system is very high. If you buy a computer in ten thousand, the same specifications in laptops would be minimum of twenty thousand. So there is a big difference in the price and cost.
  4. In case of damages, it’s very difficult to find spare parts like a touchpad, keyboard buttons, or screen in the market. If it is available these parts must be very costly.
  5. Most laptops are unable to upgrade means we cannot increase the Ram or processor of the laptop because it never supports it.
  6. Laptops have many negative effects related to health; I personally use it too much and keep on my feet while sitting on the bed. It causes very physical problems like neck problems, eyesight, and backbone problems.
  7. You are using it in your car, you stop the car and went to the supermarket and back to the car and your laptop is missing. You got my point; yeah I am talking about the stolen (robbery). With the benefits of less in size, it is also disadvantages of stolen.
  8. Some peoples even they don’t know the spells of the word “LAPTOP” are fond to buy it because of their friends and just because other people using it and have it. We have found a number of people have jealousy habits.
  9. The version of the laptop becomes older soon due to launching the latest version by the company. The older version becomes old and decreases its market price and value.
  10. Now all the airlines never let you carry it in-plane or under it because of its battery blast accidents. Not only the planes, but the wrong use of them can also be blast everywhere school, college, stands, parks, or hotels.
  11. The big drawback of using laptops for students is the loss of studies. Students use it for the internet, playing video games, and watching movies that are the course of having a lot of study loss.

Ending Note:

I hope you like all the points of Benefits and Limitations of Laptops. We update our website a regular basis. You must share your opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of a laptop computer and give us a suggestion so we will add it to our articles as soon as possible. The last word for you it’s depending on humans that how they use the technology both ways are open for them. Either use it for benefit purposes or for negative purposes, the choice is yours.

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