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30+ Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp



Let’s read some advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp Messenger in Business, Education and in our daily life use. As we all know that there are many social media apps that allow us to send and receive messages, calls and video calls. These application make our life easy in our educational, business departments as well give us benefits in our daily life. WhatsApp one of them and most usable app in android and iPhone. This is not the end there are many advantages, benefits and uses of WhatsApp and also some disadvantages, drawbacks and demerits of WhatsApp. Let’s read some Pros of WhatsApp first;

Advantages and Disadvantage of Whatsapp Application
Pros and Cons of WhatsApp

What are the Advantages of WhatsApp?

  • This application is free for use no hidden charges or never need to buy it.
  • We can send instant messages to any part of the world with the help of internet.
  • Now a days every mobile phone support this app even Nokia.
  • Not only messages we can also make voice calls.
  • Voice call is not the end of WhatsApp Benefits we can also make Video Calls
  • After voice and video calls we have the advantages to send any type of document file in WhatsApp messenger like, PDF, JPEG, CDR, AI etc.
  • Just like other apps in the mobile it haven’t any ads on the screen.
  • We can also delete our messages that we have seen and read from our phones.
  • When you install the WhatsApp you are able to see that how many of your friends are using WhatsApp.
  • Your messages and data record is secure with End-to-End Encryption.
  • We can also share our location and now it’s updated to live location as we moving one place to another our location is automatically changed in messenger.
  • There are many tick signs in it that have different meanings. If you send messages and the other person read it you can find it by these signs.
  • The new feature in updated version is easy to change number without losing our data.
  • Another benefit of using WhatsApp is easy to use friendly interface and easy to learn everything in a single day.
  • In the list of advantages of WhatsApp this point is all about web version of this app. We can easily use and open it on our browser with the help of bar-code. You can easily login to web browser while having connected in mobile by clicking this link. Whatsapp Web
  • This is not the end of “Merits of WhatsApp” we also have the benefits to download .exe file version and install it on our computer and easy to use it.
  • App is support all the mobiles and available in every store like, Java, Android and IOS.
  • Can crate group of college friends, business group and other groups and add your friends and chat together in groups.
  • In WhatsApp business application we have more features, we can create products, labels and prices and also can manage orders and sales.
  • Now it’s more reliable for the business persons to connect it with your Facebook page in the shape of button.
  • Smart reply is one of the best function mean we can answer your specific message by replying it.
  • It is the most popular application in the world.
Friends are chatting on whatsapp messenger.
Friends are Chatting on WhatsApp Messenger

As we discuss before about some topics and their advantages and disadvantages, Pros and Cons, Benefits and Drawbacks. As like that there are also some Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp. Now let’s read some Demerits.

What are the Disadvantages of WhatsApp?

  • This first thing you have to always remember that your spouse/family/friends can see and read your messages when the have you’re mobile.
  • Must have Wi-Fi or data package of internet to use it.
  • In the groups we have lot of messages and receive images and videos.
  • Images and videos direct save to you phone memory. Memory go low and mobile phone also hangs sometimes.
  • Everybody is in your contacts can easily see your profile, status and also find your location by demand.
  • Chatting with buddies are interesting but in my point of view it is totally loss of time.
  • It uses the more battery and decrees your mobile battery level quickly.
  • Can’t send the file having size more than 100MBs.
Girl is using whatsapp on the road.
WhatsApp Addiction

WhatsApp Good or Bad?

Well friends! I hope you enjoy our topic about “Advantages and Disadvantage of WhatsApp in points.” If you found more advantages or disadvantages in your mind so feel free to tell us in below comment box or by using the contact us page. We will always appreciate your opinions and suggestions. This topic is ready for your school and college notes not even school and college it can be presented anywhere in presentation. If you find this information helpful feel free to share it with your friends in WhatsApp Messenger.

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