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Advantages and Disadvantages of PDF File Format



Pros and cons of PDF

There are many advantages and disadvantages of PDF file format over the word files and over the other formats we have. PDF stands for (Portable Document Format) and this format use to show your documents clearly on the electronic devices. The main developers of this software company is Adobe that have the compatible file format of postscript. PDF most used document in the world for the purpose of exchange the date in the world. That was little intro of PDF now move to over topic and read some pros, cons, benefits and debates of PDF.


Advantages and disadvantages of PDF
PDF File Format Pros and Cons

What are the Advantages of PDF File?

  • The first advantages of PDF format show the exact graphics and contents as same you save.
  • It supports every system nowadays, every mobile and software you have don’t need to download extra software for it.
  • You have drawing, sketches, images, gif, video or any types of 3D data to display you can save your file as PDF and will never effect your file will support your all media easily.
  • Everyone can easily use it, read it and create it.
  • If you want to bring file from one place to another this format is best option to reduce your file size without losing the quality of your content.
  • Not easy to edit, your quotation, invoices, resumes or bills in PDF format give you more advantages of not easy to edit.
  • In the list of advantages of PDF the best positive point is Popular around the world and everybody know that format.
  • There is electricity load shedding or your system shutdown instant while working in CorelDraw, adobe Photoshop or in adobe illustrator there are many chance that your file remain unsaved or corrupted. But if you open the PDF file it will remain same as it is.
  • The last benefit in the list of advantage are easily to protect your file with password. Nobody can open and read it if it is protected by password.

What are the Disadvantage of PDF Format?

  • The biggest drawback of pdf in the list of disadvantage are not easy to edit.
  • You must buy some edit software to edit this format and save it again.
  • There are a lot of problems during work in it because mostly texts are curved and you can select these alphabets as an image/picture not as a texts.
  • The users of Linux and UNIX can’t create and view this file in their system without specific supported software.
  • The last demerit in the list of disadvantages of PDF are sometimes your browser doesn’t support this format and you must have to download this file and open it supported software.

When to Use Portable Document Format?

People mostly use this types of format for exchange the data, in emails, sending or submit your resumes to websites, sending quotations and invoices to your customers. You may convert your books and notes to this format and easily open it and print it anywhere in the world it would be same as you save and supported by every printer.

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