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20+ Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube in Points



Advantages and Disadvantages of Youtube

Today’s lesson will help you to find out all the Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube in detail. As we all know that YouTube is the biggest video sharing informative website that changes the life of thousands of people. If we count the benefits of YouTube so it will take a month or two to find out all the pros of YouTube but on the other hand there are many drawbacks of YouTube. Nowadays it impacts directly on our life because of playing a major role in Business, Marketing, Advertising, Kids, Channels, Music, Information and Education. So Let’s read now all the Pros and Cons of YouTube;

Benefits and Drawbacks of Youtube
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What are the Advantages Of YouTube?

  • In the list of Advantages this first benefit for the people that run their business through the internet. They can easily do marketing of their products to increase the sales of business and earn more profit through video advertisement.
  • Not only the people engaged with business can get benefit from youtube, the people of all fields of life can do marketing of their products or business. I mean you can advertise your school, college, pizza restaurant, travel agency etc.
  • Youtube also helps the multinational companies to deliver the advertisement to the viewers through video advertisement in the videos.
  • Now you can make your own YouTube Channel and upload your experience with the audience to help them to solve their problems.
  • It also helps us to solve the problem of our educational questions, if we find any difficulty to solve any type of question we can find it in the videos.
  • What you think that only teenagers and aged people can use it. Youtube has its own separate application for kids on android and IOS. That is specially made for the kids without advertisement.
  • The biggest benefits of Youtube I found till now for the jobless peoples. If you have knowledge and skills you can make your channel and share the videos and earn good enough money. 
  • It is the totally free source of storage. We can upload our college notes and videos and that is always saved without any virus. If you save those videos in your computer or laptop you are always in tension of losing them or virus infection so by YouTube you can watch those videos anytime anywhere.
  • As the website updated we had found many options and facilities in it. Recently the live option we can watch every channel while sitting at home without TV. We can get the advantages of watching cricket, Football and News etc.
  • E-Commerce is the growing trend of online shopping on the internet; the online selling stores promote their products through youtube and get the benefits of more sales.
  • Always share the informative and educational videos that you found on YouTube on your social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.
  • There is a huge collection of audio and video on the YouTube site we can find any type and any language movie on it.
  • YouTube is the best place to become famous but you need to do something big where you would be a master person in a subject or may have high level skills for teaching. 
  • I hope you like the list of all the Advantages of YouTube, please use it for your good purposes not for bad purposes because every social site on the internet is created to provide and share information.
  • We can find the information and culture of any country, any place while sitting at home in the shape of videos.

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What are the Disadvantages of YouTube?

  • In the list of Disadvantages of Youtube the first drawback is all the people are free to comment on your videos. So it directly impacts your video and channels if you are promoting your product then the single negative comment impact your reputation badly.
  • You have the proper channel then you must have the high quality camera, mike, laptop and video editing software to deliver the best videos to your viewers and these things are not less than $2K (Costly).
  • Videos making and video editing takes much more time because sometimes you want to cut the some particular part of video and then join again with another so it takes more time.
  • There are many advertisements during the movies and videos that are time consuming and irritating sometimes. 
  • As we all know that YouTube is the free source of videos but sometimes our generation uses it very badly and wasting their time by watching the un-meaningful videos.
  • Special Drawback of Youtube is there are many pirated videos on youtube that may cause the issue of copyright sometimes.
  • There are a lot of uncensored and harassment videos on it that are not good for youngsters and kids.
  • Some tips and tricks on YouTube are used for wrong purposes by the robbers and terrorist.

Final Words

That was the end of our topic “Advantages and Disadvantages of Youtube”. Not only this there are thousands of social media websites on the internet that are made for knowledge sharing and educational purposes. So it depends on us and you either we use it for our pros or we use these social media and video sites for our cons. Just use these sites to complete your aim and get benefits, below are some more topics that might be helpful for you to complete your college notes. If you have any suggestion or idea about this topic please tell us in below comment box and share this informative essay with your friends on your social media profiles.

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