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Dental College: The Journey to Becoming a Dentist



Becoming a Dentist

With nearly 2.7 lakh dentists registered with the DCI, the field of dentistry has witnessed significant improvements. Given this situation, are you willing to embark on the path to becoming a dentist? If so, your vital step is to enrol in a dentistry college. 

For better insights, we will walk through your life-changing experience at the best dental colleges in India and explain the prerequisites, advantages, and rewards you can expect along the road in this blog.

Dental Courses

As professional branches of medical sciences, the dental courses will exclusively educate you on oral health and hygiene. Among the best dental colleges in India, Mansarovar Dental College provides a range of courses at different skill levels that cover the study of teeth, gums, and other oral organs. Some quick facts on those courses are tabulated here:

Course Name Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)Master of Dental Surgery (MDS)
Level of Education Undergraduate Postgraduate 
Course Duration 4 years of academic knowledge + 1 year of internship 3 years 
Availability of Seats 1003 seats (Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, andPeriodontics).
2 seats (Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics).

Dental College Requirements 

You must meet distinct requirements for dental degrees at different levels. Hence, we have covered below the extra prerequisites that dental colleges in Madhya Pradesh, such as Mansarovar Dental College, require in addition to a strong academic background:

Dental Courses Eligibility Criteria 
BDS10+2 with 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. However, the SC/ST candidates of Madhya Pradesh Domicile with at least 40% are eligible to apply.
Must be at least 17 years old on or before 31st December of the admission year.
Appear and qualify in the NEET-UG.
MDSBDS Degree from an accredited institution.
Qualify in the NEET-PG.

Dental College Application Process

Applying to the Mansarovar Dental College and Hospital is a simple and low-effort process. After your NEET results are out, you can visit its website and take the actions listed below:

  1. Visit the “Admission and Course” section.
  2. Click on the “Application Procedure” option, and a page will appear.
  3. On the given page, fill in the essential information.
  4. Upload the necessary scorecards.
  5. Once done, submit the form and keep a downloaded copy for your records.

Dental College Curriculum 

You can start an intense dental education journey after being admitted into one of the best dental colleges in India, like Mansarovar Dental College. Its curriculum will also include a thorough combination of didactic coursework, practical laboratory exercises, and clinical experiences. Most commonly, you can study subjects like

  • General Human Anatomy
  • Oral Pathology and Microbiology
  • Oral Medicine Radiology
  • Public Health Dentistry
  • Preclinical Conservative Dentistry

In addition, you can gain practical skills and advanced knowledge in the following areas:

  • Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge
  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  • Periodontics
  • Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Why Enrol in a Dental College?

Theoretical and practical components of Dental Science will be the focus of your extended instruction as a dental student. However, you will be exposed to more than just the curriculum. Now, let us quickly recap those factors in the following points:

  • Clinical Experience 

Your ability to work closely with patients while being supervised by knowledgeable staff members is one of the most important features of the BDS colleges in Bhopal. You can further begin treating patients, performing cleanings, little restorations, and preventive care from the very first year onwards. Furthermore, as you continue in your study, you can develop the required clinical proficiency to carry out increasingly complex operations. Additionally, developing the practical experience to become a qualified dentist will benefit greatly from it.

  • Collaborative Learning and Networking 

In addition to emphasising skill development, the dental college encourages networking and collaborative learning. You can participate in group projects, case studies, and interactive learning opportunities while attending the BDS colleges in India. Working with peers, who share your goals will also help you to develop a strong professional network. Moreover, teamwork, empathy, and communication are developed through collaboration, all of which are critical for developing trusting patient relationships in the dentistry profession.

  • Research and Academic Opportunities

You will have lots of opportunities to progress academically and conduct research in dental colleges. Also, you can investigate cutting-edge methods, technologies, and industry trends by working on research projects. Perhaps most crucially, if you want to specialise in a particular field of dentistry or advance your studies, dental college can help you get into graduate programmes or specialist residencies.

  • Professional Development and Licensure 

As your time at the best dental colleges in India draws to a close, you can get ready for licencing examinations. Though regional variations can exist, these tests usually consist of written sections and evaluations of clinical abilities. Additionally, passing these tests can get you a dental licence, which will let you start practicing. To guarantee patient safety and high-quality care, the licencing procedure might also include stringent background checks and ethical assessments.

Rewards of Becoming a Dentist

Being a dentist requires commitment and persistence to have a fulfilling career. Following your studies from the dental colleges in MP, you can explore the below notable benefits:

  • Explore a fulfilling, dynamic, and in-demand career.
  • Have the opportunity to alleviate pain, enhance smiles, and improve overall oral health. 
  • Enjoy a secure financial future.
  • Have the potential to own their practices, or work in private clinics, hospitals, research institutions, or even academia. 

Final Words

We hope this blog gives you an overview of the fascinating process of becoming a dentist and the life-changing experience. Furthermore, the best dental colleges in India will inculcate in you the ideals of professionalism, empathy, and lifelong learning in addition to providing you with the necessary tools for this journey.


  1. Will dental careers change with developing technologies?

Indeed, the delivery of dental treatment can be completely transformed by technological innovations such as 3D printing, digital X-rays, teledentistry, and virtual reality.

  1. Can I take part in outreach initiatives at the best dental colleges in India?

Certainly, you are welcome to participate in outreach initiatives and offer dental care to underprivileged populations worldwide through the best dental colleges in India.

  1. How can dental graduates stay connected with their alma mater?

As a dental graduate, you will be eligible to take part in alumni activities hosted by your university. You can also assist the institution with donations, or participate in student mentorship activities.

  1. What misconceptions exist about a dentistry career?

Among the many myths surrounding dentistry are the idea that it simply involves filling cavities, that every dentist runs their office, and that it is not as lucrative as other medical specialties.

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