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Exploring Career Options: What Can You Do with a PhD?



Exploring Career Options

Interested in obtaining a Ph.D.? If yes, you should be aware that although many people identify a Ph.D. with a career in academia, in reality, having this prestigious degree can open up a wide range of fulfilling employment options. 

And, to discover the wide range of employment opportunities accessible following graduation from a PhD university in Maharashtra, we will set out on an investigative voyage in this blog 

Please stay with us as we explore the world of opportunities and learn how a Ph.D. can help you achieve a successful career.

Learn about a Ph.D. Degree

You can study numerous subjects and cross-functional areas in a full-time, and residential PhD degree. Additionally, through its PhD courses, Universal AI University in Maharashtra aims to prepare students for professions outside of academia that call for sophisticated research and analytical skills, and careers at prestigious academic institutions.

PhD Degree- Course Highlights 

To save you time, we have included a table below that summarises some most important aspects of Universal AI University’s Ph.D. program:

Level of Education Doctorate 
Course Category Full-TimePart-Time (Internal Part-time and External Part-time)
Areas of Specialization Computer ScienceManagement Liberal Arts (Economics)
Average Annual Fee For External (Teaching Faculties)- INR 1,15,000 (approx.)For External (Industry Sponsored / Govt. Sponsored)- INR 1,50,000 (approx.)

Eligibility Criteria

The following can give you a better overview idea of the course’s requirements at a PhD university in Maharashtra:

  • Get a 1-year/2-semester Master’s degree following your 3-year UG degree. 
  • Score a minimum aggregate of 55% in the PG degree.


  • Obtain a 4-year/8-semester Bachelor’s Degree with Research. And, secure a minimum CGPA of 7.5/10.
  • You will be eligible for a 5% relaxation if you belong to the reserved category.
  • Either appear in a Common University Entrance Test or JRF/UGC-CSIR/SLET/GATE.

Career Options for a PhD Holder

Be it critically analysing a subject, displaying intellectual maturity, and gaining in-depth knowledge of a specific field, you can experience everything and boost a breadth of skills by pursuing a Ph.D. 

For your reference, we have outlined below some top-notch career choices after graduating from a PhD university in Maharashtra:


Being a PhD holder, academia will be your most common and typical professional choice. Your career goals in this field will specifically include academic administration, research, or professorship. As a professor, you can do research, advise students, and impart your knowledge. Furthermore, you will get the chance to investigate administrative positions that support the expansion and advancement of a learning environment, including department chair or dean status.

Industry Research and Development

You can gain a thorough understanding of your subjects and become highly sought after by industries after graduating from a PhD university in Mumbai. Additionally, your contributions will be required to create and propel product advancements in numerous industries, including public policy, biotechnology, engineering, technology, management, and healthcare. Most of the time, you can use your specific knowledge to advance these sectors’ breakthrough discoveries, create new technologies, and enhance their current offerings.

Government Research Agencies

Following the completion of your Ph.D., you will have a plethora of employment options in government research agencies, as most organisations greatly depend on highly skilled researchers to push boundaries and solve challenging challenges. You can significantly influence national policies, direct influence on society, and contribute to cutting-edge research by working in these agencies.

Product Management 

You will be aware of how Product Managers (PMs) handle the full life-cycle of an inventive product when discussing their profile. Additionally, as the best university in Maharashtra, Universal AI University can guide you on how to manage and monitor a product’s development and launch. Also, you will be asked by some organisations to evaluate the product’s performance in the market, come up with strategies to increase a product’s economic success and decide whether to discontinue or phase out earlier iterations of the product.


You can make a valuable contribution to the consulting sector with your expertise and problem-solving abilities as a PhD holder. Furthermore, consulting firms will provide you with a dynamic and intellectually interesting work environment where you may use your expertise in a variety of industries. Additionally, working on multiple projects like process optimization, data analysis, strategic planning, and market research will allow you to gain significant experience and influence customers’ business decisions as a consultant.

Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

You can cultivate a strong entrepreneurial drive and innovative mentality after graduating from a PhD university in Maharashtra. Furthermore, you can launch your start-up or join an emerging business if you have a strong background in knowledge and a talent for problem-solving. Your proficiency will additionally facilitate the creation and marketing of novel technologies, address unaddressed needs, and draw capital or investment.

Wrapping Up

We significantly hope that this blog assists you in comprehending the fascinating non-academic career paths that a PhD can lead you. Above all, you should remember that after graduating from a PhD university in Maharashtra, you will have access to some potential opportunities. But, the key is to match your personal objectives, aspirations, and passions with the professional path that will best suit you.


  1. What misconceptions exist about PhD holders’ non-academic careers?

Despite popular assumptions, non-academic employment options can offer you competitive compensation, countless growth prospects, and fulfilling work that aligns with your interests and areas of competence.

  1. What transferable skills can I gain from a PhD university in Maharashtra?

A PhD university in Maharashtra can help you develop-

  • Critical Thinking.
  • Problem-Solving.
  • Project Management.
  • Communication Skills. 
  1. How can I maintain a work-life balance in non-academic PhD careers?

In non-academic Ph.D. employment, you can maintain a healthy work-life balance by prioritising self-care, setting limits, and looking for supportive work settings.

  1. How long does the Ph.D. programme last?

A Ph.D. program typically lasts 3 years, and you’ll have a maximum of 5 to 6 years to finish it. Nevertheless, the length of this course varies from institute to institute.

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