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Is cat food cheaper at Amazon?



Amazon appears to dominate the world nowadays, and there’s a reason for it.

Amazon is the world’s biggest online store, and one of its main selling points is that it delivers things right to your door. Since’s really handy, and now that it has its own shipping crews, you can obtain things quicker than ever before.

With an Amazon Prime membership, you can have things delivered to your home in as little as two days!

The Rapid Growth of the Pet Market

Pet care has been constantly rising year after year, with the most recent figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics predicting that spending on pets and related products would reach £9.9 billion in 2022, up 170 per cent from 2005.

Covid has influenced a spike in pet ownership not yet covered by ONS statistics, but recently revealed by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, showing that 3.2 million households in the UK have obtained a pet since the beginning of the pandemic, with Gen Z and Millennials driving the majority of the increase.

Pet Food Manufacturers Association

Pet owners have begun to spend much more on their pets on average over the previous five years, producing a mini-boom for businesses and merchants in the pet industry.

Amazon’s Dominance in Pet Food

Amazon’s sales of pet food have increased by 67 per cent in the previous two years, while sales of other pet products have increased by 79 per cent, with dog and cat food now earning £11.5 million in income per month (£138 million per year) on Amazon UK.

Amazon has long had a stronghold on the pet food service industry, but the significance of this has grown in recent years, with Amazon creating bespoke areas in their warehouses for the rapid handling of import and export pet food products, as well as specific warehouse machines and equipment to enhance the easy movement of large and heavy bulk pet food items.

With pet food becoming a high-volume, highly commoditized product category that is often purchased in bulk and is too heavy to pick up unless you have a vehicle, it was the ideal sector for Amazon to conquer online.

Perhaps more striking is how comfortable some of the major businesses have grown when it comes to selling on Amazon, approaching it more like a grocer, earning growing sales and so much more.

So is it a Good Option to Purchase Cat Food from  Amazon? deserves praise (or blame) for revolutionising the way we buy. The e-commerce behemoth’s limitless virtual aisles, apparently unlimited selection, and simple same-day delivery save us valuable time, allowing us to do anything from watching movies to getting groceries from Whole Foods without leaving the home.

Sure, the infinite online shop has the most inventory, but it may also cause choice fatigue as you click through a dozen similar things with various brand names. That is only one of the reasons why some customers look for the finest Amazon alternatives online.

Some wish to support a smaller firm (Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is worth over $180 billion), while others have been convinced to spend their money elsewhere after doubting the online retailer’s ethics and sustainability. 

Feedback from other customers isn’t always accurate, either, because many vendors try to trick the system by adding plenty of fake reviews. Amazon has taken steps to combat this in recent years, including the “Verified Purchase” setting, although committed scammers can still get around it.

It’s unusual, however, that you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for, which is useful if your cat or dog follows a specific diet or if you’re expecting to find a toy he’s never tried (and destroyed) before.

Additionally, the company goes out of its way to ensure your satisfaction, and returns are simple and straightforward. But still, there are some pros and cons, lets check them:


  • Wide spectrum of varieties
  • a great tool for tracking down hard-to-find things.
  • Scammers are being hunted down by the company.


  • Choosing from so many options might be a struggle.
  • Merchants aren’t all trustworthy.
  • Inundated with fake reviews from former clients

What Are the Best Amazon Alternatives for Online Shopping?

You can support a variety of solid Amazon alternatives online. These online stores provide a tailored selection of items, removing the impression of being overwhelmed by swiping through hundreds of options. Customers who care about the environment and social equity will be pleased to learn that many of these businesses are B corporations, which means they must maintain a certain amount of transparency and responsibility, as well as adhere to stringent environmental and ethical criteria.

Try Pet Haus Once:

It’s no surprise that Pet Haus’ whole shop is designed to make your life easier as a pet owner. A variety of options are available when it comes to shopping pet food dubai is a good option to consider. 

This is undoubtedly helpful, but how much time it saves is incredible. Simply typing the brand name into Google’s search box will provide results in a matter of seconds.

To be fair, they do a better job of curating their categories than Amazon does (for example, “big breed dog food”) (who seems to rely on merchants to self-categorize). Even though there are a lot fewer reviews at Pet Haus than on Amazon, they’re just as trustworthy as Amazon’s reviews.

To make things simpler for customers, Pet Haus places nutritional information at the top of the page. There are also webinars from professionals on a variety of issues, such as how to make the transition from one kind of pet food to another.

  • Bottom Line

Depending on your shopping preferences, you may want to use one or another. We believe Pet Haus is a better option if you’re just shopping for pet products because of its great refund policy, pharmaceutical section, and user-friendly website.

If, however, cat or dog food is only one item on a protracted grocery list, you may find it much easier just to do everything at Amazon. This is particularly true if you’ve signup for Prime and would like to rationalise the expense.

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Competitive Intelligence Tools You Need to Know About



In today’s digital age, businesses can no longer operate in isolation. Fierce competition is now the norm, with new players entering the market and competitors looking to expand their offerings and reach. To thrive in this demanding environment, you need to be armed with information about your competitors and the more comprehensive marketplace. Knowing which intelligence tools are right for your business can be tricky with so many different intelligence tools.

What is Competitive Intelligence?

This is the process of collecting and analyzing data about your competitors. This data can include their business model, target audience, strengths and weaknesses, and marketing strategies. 

Market Research tools

The best way to gather data on your competitors is to use market research tools to analyze their websites, social media, and other online assets. These tools can help you discover your main competitors and what they’re doing to compete with you. They can also help you gather data on your customers and potential customers to improve your marketing efforts and target the right people.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is an intelligence tool that you can use to track your website traffic, understand your audience, and measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns. This will help you know the most popular pages and the paths customers are taking through your site. This allows you to identify any areas of improvement or potential bottlenecks that keep visitors from converting. 


If you’re focused on keeping tabs on your competitor’s marketing activities, TrackMaven is an intelligence tool that can help. This tool offers a complete overview of your competitors’ marketing strategies, including data on their website traffic, social media engagement, and advertising activities. It can even help you identify what new marketing strategies your competitors might be considering by showing spikes in certain activities. 

Crunch Base

CrunchBase is an intelligence tool that allows you to track your competitors’ funding, acquisitions, and other financial activities. CrunchBase can track funding rounds, acquisition deals, expiring capital, and other economic activities related to your competitors. This can help you determine where your competitors are getting their funding, how much money they have in the bank, and how successful their latest investment rounds were. 


Moat is a market research tool that you can use to track the performance of your digital ads, see how your competitors’ ads perform and discover new ad networks to run your campaigns on. This can assist you in determining how successful your competitors’ websites are and see how many visitors they receive. You can also use Moat to track your competitors’ search engine ranking to see how successful their SEO campaigns have been.


Ahrefs is a marketing analytics tool that you can use to track your SEO performance and determine what the competitors are doing for SEO. It also enables you to track your content performance and see where your articles are shared online. 

 NetBase Quid 

Netbase Quid is an intelligence tool that enables you to track your brand and your competitors’ online presence. It allows you to gather insights into your competitors’ products, audiences, and marketing strategies. You can also use Netbase Quid to track your competitors’ press releases and other marketing materials, such as videos and podcasts. It integrates with your existing CRM software like Salesforce, so you can easily track your marketing activities against your competitors’.


SEMrush is a popular tool that enables you to track and analyze your competitor’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. This will give you awareness of what keywords they are targeting, the keywords driving traffic to their site, and what might be driving visitors away. This will allow you to identify potential opportunities for your business and uncover SEO challenges that your competitors are facing. These intuitions will enable you to optimize your website and marketing efforts better and identify weaknesses in your competitors’ strategies.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts enables you to set up email notifications when new content is published online related to your chosen keywords or topics of interest. You can use Google Alerts to stay on top of your competitors’ activities. Competitive intelligence professionals use Google Alerts to keep tabs on what their competitors say and publish on the web.


Competitive intelligence is a crucial part of any business strategy. Intelligence tools can help you get insight into your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and give you actionable data to improve your marketing efforts. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to intelligence, so you must choose the right tools for your business and understand how to use them efficiently.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Marketing



The Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Marketing

We love content marketing at Strawberry Forge. And we want our clients to love it as well. There are many upsides to having a detailed strategy in place, but we’re nothing if not honest, and we understand that some companies may think it’s not right for them.

If you’re on the fence, we put together this brief guide to explain the main advantages and disadvantages of content marketing.

Advantages of Content Marketing

Building Your Brand

Almost every business wants to be seen as a thought leader in their industry; it’s how you make a name for yourself. The type of content you produce can help with that.

Articles that are helpful and well-researched show that you know your stuff. And the more content you put out there, the more chances you have to make an impact.

We mentioned above that content has to be helpful. When someone lands on your article, they’ll be looking for a solution to their problem. If your advice hits the nail on the head, you start to create a level of trust with your reader. In turn, this makes your company the one they turn to when they’re ready to have a conversation.

Content marketing is also far-reaching. The right keyword research will place your articles at the top of Google search pages — that means you have the potential to be seen by hundreds if not thousands of individuals.


The problem with traditional marketing (print, TV etc.) is the very limited shelf life. Once it’s been seen… that’s it — unless you keep paying for advertising space.

Put your content on the internet, however, and it will still be there five, ten and even twenty years from now. To make sure articles remain in good positions on search engines, they will need a little refining over time, but it’s much easier to tweak existing content than it is to create new pieces from scratch.

Whether you put time aside to write articles yourself, or you choose to contact a marketing agency to help, it will be a worthwhile investment. A couple of hours and a relatively small spend will result in years of lead generation.

Disadvantages of Content Marketing

The Waiting Game

One of the biggest reasons why some companies choose not to go with content marketing is time. We’re upfront about the fact it will take a few months for articles to pick up steam and be recognised by search engines.

And if content doesn’t rank in the expected positions, it can mean more work is needed. A poor quality website will hurt your chances of ranking, and articles may need to be rewritten with new keywords in mind.

At the start, it is trial and error, but sticking with it can yield great results as long as you have the patience.

Constant Input

Search engines like content a lot. In fact, they rank websites that continuously produce content much higher than sites that only publish a couple of generic blogs a year.

This means you’ll need:

  • Time to write
  • A huge number of topics to write about
  • The skills to track success and amend your strategy

If you don’t have these resources at hand, we have the perfect solution.

Let Strawberry Forge Manage Your Content Marketing

It’s like we said in the introduction; Strawberry Forge loves content marketing. We’ve saved our clients countless hours by taking the pressure off their teams, and our expertise gets content in front of the right audience.

Our detailed strategies involve a two-pronged approach; we’ll get the full potential out of your existing assets, and create new marketing routes to ensure all bases are covered.

To learn more about how we work and the results you can expect, make sure to check out our website.

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Everything You Need to Know About CPaaS



Everything You Need to Know About CPaaS

In your search for ideal communication platforms, you may have heard of CPaaS, but what is it and the benefits? How does it compare to other options? Is it worth investing in a CPaaS platform for your business? Read on to learn more about CPaaS and why you need it for your business.

1.    What is CPaaS, and what are its benefits for businesses?

What is CPaaS? CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) is a cloud-based platform that provides businesses with the infrastructure and tools to build and launch their communication services. It includes everything from voice and video calling to text messaging and chatbots.

CPaaS platforms are typically very easy to use and require no coding or technical expertise. It makes them an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises. CPaaS platforms offer several benefits for businesses, including increased flexibility, lower costs, and faster deployment times. They also make it easy to scale up or down as your business needs change.

2.    How does CPaaS work?

CPaaS platforms provide developers with a set of APIs that they can use to add voice, video, and messaging capabilities to their applications. The APIs abstract the underlying infrastructure, making it easier to develop and deploy communications-enabled applications. Different CPaaS providers offer various features, so choosing a platform that provides the right mix for your needs is essential.

3.    What features should you look for when choosing a CPaaS provider?

Choosing a communications platform as a service provider can be daunting. However, there are a few key features that you should always look for in a CPaaS provider. First, the provider should offer a wide range of features and services. This way, you ensure that the provider has the tools you need to support your business communications.

Second, the provider should have a robust and reliable infrastructure. It ensures that your communications will always be available when you need them. Finally, the provider should offer excellent customer support. This way, you’ll have issues resolved quickly. Some standard features include:

  • Voice and video calling
  • Text messaging
  • Chatbots
  • Conference calling

4.    How much does CPaaS cost, and what are the payment options?

Most CPaaS providers offer a subscription-based pricing model. You pay a monthly fee for access to the platform and its features. The amount you pay will vary depending on the provider and the services you need. Many providers also offer a free trial to test the platform before committing.

5.    What are the deployment options for CPaaS?

CPaaS platforms are deployable in several ways. The most common deployment option is the cloud. The platform is hosted by the provider and accessed over the internet. However, some providers also offer on-premises deployments, which means that the platform is installed on your servers and accessed over your company’s network.

CPaaS platforms are designed to be highly customizable, giving businesses the ability to tailor the features and functionality to their specific needs. It includes the ability to add or remove elements, change the user interface, and integrate with other software applications.


CPaaS is a powerful tool that can help businesses build and deploy communications-enabled applications quickly and easily. By choosing the right CPaaS provider, you’ll have everything you need to communicate with your customers and employees effectively.

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