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Is Upgrading to a Faster Internet Speed Worth It?



Is Upgrading to a Faster Internet Speed Worth It?

Is Upgrading to a Faster Internet Speed Worth It?

Upgrading is always considered a good thing. The changes will usually be for the better but, is it worth it for our internet speed?

Well, the short answer for that is it all depends upon how you use the internet. Some tend to go for unlimited internet with faster speeds while some are okay with their current bandwidth.

The point is, if you’re only using your internet for emails or work, then your current internet speed is fine. However, if you’re using it for streaming some videos online or gaming, then upgrading can be worth it. Whatever it is, the required internet speed varies for each activity.

Before you upgrade

When you upgrading internet plans, you will undoubtedly increase your monthly bill. This is why it is important to make sure if upgrading is worth it.

Of course, before you do any upgrades, it is important to know your current Internet speed. The easiest way to check that is by going to Ookla’s Speed Test and just click on the “Go” button and it will scan your Internet speed for you.

Second, make sure that you and your family are the only ones using your Internet. Putting up a password for your Wi-Fi will solve this kind of problem because chances are, if your Wi-Fi doesn’t have any protection, people will freely connect to it. The more people connected to your Wi-Fi, the slower it will be, especially if all of you are streaming movies at the same time.

Third, before you upgrade, understand what you and your family will be using the Internet for. Certain online activities such as reading emails, browsing social media, online shopping and research won’t require a very fast internet speed. On the other hand, activities such as streaming online videos and downloading will require you to have a faster internet speed, alongside an unlimited internet, for convenience.

Last but not the least, look into the number of people that will be using your Internet. As mentioned earlier, the more people connected to your Internet, the slower it will be because the bandwidth will be shared accordingly. This means that the more people in your household that will be using the Internet, the faster speed you will need to have.

Benefits of Faster Internet Speed

Just like any upgrades, there are bound to be some benefits that you will surely enjoy. So, what are these benefits you get from faster internet plans?

  • With a faster Internet speed, loading times will no longer be a problem. You can get things done faster than ever before.
  • Online communication such as video chats or calls will be a lot smoother.
  • Multi-tasking will be possible if you have a fast internet speed.
  • Entertainment will be so much better because there won’t be any more buffering times. You can even watch your shows in UHD.


While boosting the internet speed is worth it for some, it will still depend on whether or not it will be worth it for you. Whatever it is, it should make things more efficient and convenient in your home. If your current speed is good right now, then there isn’t a need for you to upgrade.

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