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Types of Computer Application Programs: Eligibility & Scope



Types of Computer Application Programs: Eligibility & Scope

Have you seen how, in the current digital world, computer application courses are essential to multiple activities and procedures? Additionally, the 2 most common courses in this field are MCA and BCA. 

But, do you find it difficult to comprehend their scope and admittance requirements, given the abundance of possibilities at your disposal? If so, kindly read this blog. 

Here, we will go over the broad range of computer applications graduates and provide you with an overview of the eligibility criteria for MCA and BCA colleges in Delhi NCR.

Computer Application Courses

The computer applications course’ goal is to teach you the principles of computers and the ideas behind using typical software applications. After earning such degrees at the MCA and BCA colleges in Delhi NCR, including HIMT Group of Institutions, you can acquire a foundational understanding of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.


With a BCA degree, you can get ready for jobs in the software business anywhere in the world. Additionally, this degree from HIMT Group of Institutions will place a strong emphasis on your ability to design core applications while enhancing your programming skills.

  • Course Highlights

To learn more about the BCA course offered by HIMT Group of Institutions, you can check out the below table:

Level of Education Undergraduate 
Course Name Bachelor of Computer Applications
Course Duration 3 years 
Mode of Examination Semester Pattern 
Average Course Fee INR 1,95,000 (approx.)
  • Eligibility Criteria 

As one of the renowned private colleges in Delhi NCR, HIMT Group of Institutions needs you to meet the following requirements:

  1. 10+2/intermediate from any recognised board, with Maths as a compulsory subject.
  1. Secure a minimum aggregate of 45% in 10+2. However, a 5% relaxation is available for the SC/ST applicants.


As a postgraduate-level degree, the MCA programme will mostly focus on application development. Additionally, you can learn more about the newest programming languages and tools to create applications that are faster and more effective with this 2-year degree from the HIMT Group of Institutions.

  • Course Highlights 

For some quick facts on the MCA degree of HIMT Group of Institutions, please refer to the table below:

Level of Education Postgraduate 
Course Name Master of Computer Applications
Course Duration 2 years 
Mode of Examination Semester Pattern 
Average Course FeeINR 1,70,000 (approx.)
  • Eligibility Criteria

Among the best colleges in Delhi NCR, HIMT Group of Institutions demands the following from you:

  1. A 3-year Bachelor’s Degree/equivalent from a recognised university.
  1. Score at least 50% in the UG Degree. However, the SC/ST candidates with 45% are open to applying.

Scope of Computer Application Programmes

You will typically find the computer applications field to be extremely broad. And, once you complete a relevant degree, you can find scope in a multitude of domains. A few of them are discussed below:

  1. Software Development

You will acquire the skills required to create software applications through the Computer Applications courses. And, during your stay at the best MCA colleges in Delhi NCR, you can study software development frameworks and tools like Java, C++, Python, and SQL. Building different software programs that support industries like banking, healthcare, education, and e-commerce will be made easier for you with this understanding.

  1. Database Management

You will learn important computer application characteristics through database administration. In addition, you can become knowledgeable about database-related ideas like data modelling, data manipulation, and data security. Consequently, the best BCA colleges in Greater Noida teach you to deal with big data sets like finance, logistics, and customer relationship management.

  1. Web Development

Web development is a growing field because of the internet’s growth. In addition, understanding web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and frameworks is a goal of the computer applications courses provided by HIMT Group of Institutions. Additionally, you can develop e-commerce portals, web applications, and interactive websites to meet the needs of the growing internet market.

  1. Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a great career choice because of the growing demand for these applications regularly. In light of this, the MCA colleges in Greater Noida attempt to educate you on how to design apps for operating systems like iOS and Android. You can further construct user experience (UX) design, database integration, mobile app design, and API utilisation in this domain.

  1. Network Administration

Network administration-related knowledge is also included in the computer application programs. That way, you can learn how to manage and secure computer networks, make sure they are always connected and protect them from online threats. You can also make a significant impact on sectors like cloud computing, IT services, and telecoms where network infrastructure is essential.

  1. IT Consulting and Project Management

You will be qualified to work as an IT consultant and project manager because of your in-depth knowledge of computer programmes and technologies. Moreover, you can receive training from the MCA and BCA colleges in Delhi NCR to improve your ability to manage projects, provide appropriate software solutions, and guarantee prompt and effective software implementation. Furthermore, your expertise in different industries and process improvement will be aided through IT consulting positions.

Concluding Thoughts 

We hope that by reading this blog, you will see how taking separate-level computer application courses might open numerous professional options for you. Additionally, you can participate in these programmes and acquire the information and skills required to succeed in a variety of fields by completing the qualifying requirements. Mostly, the MCA and BCA colleges in Delhi NCR can help you lay a strong basis for a fulfilling career in the rapidly growing field.


  1. What projects can I anticipate during a computer application program?

You can work on practical projects that include building websites, databases, software applications, and more during your computer application studies.

  1. Do BCA colleges in Delhi NCR require work experience?

Although it can strengthen your application, the BCA colleges in Delhi NCR do not strictly require you to have previous work experience. Moreover, the relevant experience can widen your useful skills. 

  1. What programming languages should I know for a computer application degree?

Even if the programming languages used will differ, you still need to be familiar with common ones like Python, JavaScript, C++, and Java. Hence, checking your preferred programme’s curriculum is crucial.

  1. What services are available for Computer Applications students?

For your academic success and beyond, the BCA colleges in Delhi NCR will offer you academic advising, career counselling, networking opportunities, and job placement.

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