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Video Marketing: How Lawyers Can Use Videos For Their Business Through Social Media Platforms



Did you know that nearly 87% of marketing professionals are utilizing videos as their marketing tool? Yes, it is true! And with that, lawyer video marketing has become more relevant than it was earlier. Legal marketers and attorneys looking to bring in more leads and conversions should consider leveling up their video marketing plan.

Undoubtedly, video is the brand-new king in the content arena. Online workshops, webinars, and YouTube channels have made their way into the lives of marketing legal process outsourcing, and the legal industry is no different.

Why is Video Marketing Essential for Lawyers?

Lawyers looking to grow their practice should consider leveraging the power of video content. That’s because people tend to engage with visual content more than all the other forms of online content like photos, infographics, and articles.

You can download videos from Youtube or other websites using this free service. You can also save the audio or video file to your device.

Videos are more influential than written content. Watching a video of three to four minutes can prove to be highly effective and can leave a lasting impression on the mind of the viewers.

Videos have a wide reach, and their popularity is skyrocketing. People can easily watch videos at any location, before sleeping, while traveling, and even when they are in the gym.

As per reports, YouTube garners over 1 billion viewership every day, which means lawyers can easily reach a huge audience if they indulge in YouTube video marketing. Nevertheless, the problem is that many lawyers are still unaware of the significance of using videos for their business through the different social media platforms.

So, here’s the complete information on how a microphone and a webcam can help them and the clients!

Conduct Proper Keyword Research

Making the best videos takes effort, time, and money. Therefore, it is necessary to start doing things very early in the procedure. Legal practitioners should make it a point to conduct proper keyword research for unveiling the type of visual matter their target audience will actually like.

They can do this by visiting YouTube and putting in the terms related to their practice areas. The platform suggests different terms automatically below the search bar. These suggestions are keywords and topics that professionals can implement in their videos.

There are different ways of optimizing videos for different keywords. The focus keyword should be used in the video description, title, and the video file’s name.

Come Up With a YouTube Channel

There is nothing more beneficial than creating a YouTube channel. This is free, and the whole procedure is easy as well. Once you are done with this, it is time for you to consider the type of content you would be uploading on the channel.

It is also important to ensure that your YouTube channel reaches a vast audience. Have your focus on the services and products you are providing. Next, structure the visual content around this focal point.

Also, do not refrain from sharing your YouTube visual presentations on professional networks like LinkedIn. You even have the option of creating a Telegram or WhatsApp group for circulating your videos on a very wide scale.

After all, these are free resources, and no one minds going through them. It will help you in the sense that you can reach a very wide variety of audiences.

Go By Video Marketing Statistics

As per the video marketing statistics, 87% of the marketing professionals make effective use of videos for putting forward their products and services to the target audience.

But merely knowing these statistics will not help you in using videos for your law firm marketing!

Coming up with the right video script is crucial. For this, you must be armed with the knowledge of the different varieties of videos your clients like to watch. This will ultimately help you in creating the right script.

One of the best things about videos is that everything you are looking to deliver is as significant as all the visuals. Having a good video script in place is necessary to your marketing efforts. That’s because it helps you in organizing all your thoughts while providing direction for the video.

While writing a video script yourself might be intimidating, doing so will make your video appear natural. Make sure to keep the sentences conversational, short, and crisp when writing a video script.

Try avoiding all legal jargon you might be familiar with, as the target audiences are in no way lawyers who can understand your legal language. Finally, practice the script in front of colleagues, so you can have the same connection and conversational tone in front of the camera.

Time for Some Action

Now that you have come up with a great script, it is time for you to transform the script into proper action. And as you might already know, action entails shooting the video. For this, you will need the resources for outsourcing your shoot to video editors and advertisers.

Nevertheless, even this should not stop you from creating top-quality visual content for practice. Remember, creating engaging and compelling videos is no longer a job best suited to professionals. Some of the greatest video-making tools that you can use online to create some of the most interactive videos.

Creating Videos Providing Value

The objective you are trying to achieve for your legal practice or your law firm does not matter when creating videos that offer value. The videos you make must be completely focused on the audience you are looking to lure.

Your videos should offer information and value to the audience. Make sure they are in no way boring or serious. Try capturing the attention of the target audience by creating engaging visuals.

Show your human side in your videos and also make the audiences believe that you are not intimidating. Instead, you are amiable.


Video marketing for lawyers has several benefits to offer. Most importantly, videos help persuade potential clients that a certain lawyer is a suitable professional for their requirements.

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