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Essay on Advantages & Disadvantages of Exams for Students



If you are looking for the topic Advantages and Disadvantages of Exams or Examinations then you landed on the right website. Mostly students are happy when hear about the examination but some dull minded never like this event. I have also face many phases of examination in my student life. The event of exams or examination are set by the school, college and university to find out their efforts that how they are teaching and the best way to find the best students in the class. Some of good students become in position like First, Second and Third position and some of them got fail. The event of exams are set-up by every year for every class to promote their students to next classes. Students that have pass the exam promoted to next class and students that got fail never promoted to next classes. There are many advantage and disadvantages of examination. Before going toward our main topic that is about Benefits and Drawbacks of Exams we’ll read types of Exams.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Exams in Points
All the Pros and Cons of Examination

What are the main types of Exams?

Objective Examination

  • These are some MCQ’s where we have some questions and each question have three to four We must have to select the right answer, each right answer will increase your number and the wrong answer will result you as deduct your number.
  • The other type of objective examination is true and false situation. In this type we have question and have to select either it is right query or wrong. Right will increase your score and the wrong answer decrease your score.
  • The third type is for lower level but it is also used in some high classes that is called matching the words or matching the queries. We have two rows opposite to each other. Students must match the both rows by draw lining, it’s so interesting.

Subjective Examination

  • Open book and case study exams are the lengthy papers that we have to sole. We have some question that need to be explain in details by writing. Questions can be obtained from any part of your book and you have to answer according to the book and your knowledge and experience. These are so tiredly because you have to right three to four pages for every question.

Practical Examination

  • I would love to like attend the practical examination because of its fun and mental relaxation. It is the type where you have to do something practical, I remember when I created a mango from plastic parse and color it but got 8/10 marks. It is the type where we give our physical test may be in sports events etc. So that was the end of types now let’s read some Advantages and Disadvantages of Exams;

What are the Advantages of Exams?

  • The first benefit of the exams are the student self-assessment. Students can easily judge their selves in subjects for the future planning. He or she select the subject in which they got better results.
  • There is always competitive environment among the students to get high marks and first position in the class.
  • The biggest advantage of exam is for those students that have high marks, they have many chances to get scholarship from high standard universities.
  • Students always do planning and make proper time table for the exams. So they learn more of things in it and also learn the time management during the exams.
  • Some students doing top in the province and in whole college they got famous and have many job offers in advance.
  • During the subjective exams the confidence skills improves and it also develop the personality of the students.
  • Practical exams are more beneficial and have a lot of advantage for students in their practical lives. They learn more of practical thing by their experiment in the practical exams.
  • Exams improve the memory level of students. They are able to learn and remember things ideas for long time.
Two Little Girls are sharing the book knowledge with eachothers.

As we discuss before about some topics and their advantages and disadvantages, Pros and Cons, Benefits and Drawbacks. As like that there are also some Advantages and Disadvantages of Exams and Examination. Now let’s read some Demerits and Cons of Exams.

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What are the Disadvantages of Exams?

  • The first cons of exams are that students have always stress in his/her mind. There are pressure on both students and teachers as well.
  • In the days of exams and almost two months ago every student is out from the physical games and their other hobbies because of preparation of their examination.
  • This is the comparison among the students while this situation some students feeling jealous from other students, which I think is not a good point.
  • In the days of exams some students are study day and night and work hard. During all this scenario they lose their health and some of them got ill and mentally disturb.
  • Those students that got fail in exams cannot promoted to the next class so they loss an year and read again the same course and same class.
  • Exams are unfair judgment for example a student remember all the books except few question and in the paper that questions are given for solve, so this is unfair judgment.
  • Sometimes school and university move the all examination from one place to another city this may be the big disadvantages for all the students to travel to other city.
This is the clip-art of student that is mentally disturb and a lot of study burden.
Mentally Disturb

Few Words For Students

Exams and examination are the source by which we can measure the knowledge of every student. The topic Advantages and Disadvantages of Exams above show that how fair or unfair is our examination system. So all students must work together to get more benefits and “advantages from exams” and reduce the chances of “disadvantages of exams”. If you are happy with examination or unhappy from your country examination system so feel free to tell us and add your opinion in Advantages and Disadvantages.

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