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Advantages and Disadvantages of HTML in Points



Advantages and Disadvantages of HTML in Points

In this tutorial we will read details about the major Advantages and Disadvantages of HTML. As we all know that languages are the best way to communicate with each other and understand each other. These languages we use in our real life to communicate with each other. But we can not speak English, French and other languages on the computer. So we must have the knowledge of computer languages to give instructions to the computer. So before going toward some pros and cons of HTML, we will read a little intro of HTML.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for “Hyper Text Markup Language ” it is used for creating the web pages. The elements of Hyper Text Markup Language set give the instructions to the browser on how to display the content. And describe all the structure of the web pages. There are many HTML editors to write the script and to view your result you have to reload your script in the browser. Because every browser has the ability to read HTML. Now we’ll move to our topic that is all about Advantages and Disadvantages of html. 

HTML advantages

Advantages of HTML

  • HTML is Free For Use
  • HTML is Easy to edit and use
  • HTML is Friendly for Users
  • It is light language
  • Instantly Editable
  • Support by Every Browser
  • User Friendly
  • Mother of Languages
  • Easily Integrate
  • HTML is easy to remember

Disadvantages of HTML

  • Only Simple Pages
  • More lengthy
  • Security Issues
  • No more styles
  • Not so strong
  • Separate Coding for Mobiles
  • Difficult To Learn

In the above part we have advantages and disadvantages of Html in points. Now we have advantages and disadvantages in detail. So let’s read Advantages of HTML first;

Html difficult drawbacks

What are the Advantages of HTML?

  • HTML is an old language almost it is the oldest computer language. It is almost free to learn and we have many video tutorials on the internet.
  • HTML is easy to edit and easy to use, we just need to open notepad and type the code and save as html document your web page is ready.
  • Another benefit for the new learner is, HTML is a very friendly language and easy to remember for new users.
  • As it simplicity it is very light and easy to open in web browsers because every browser supports that language.
  • An easily editable function gives us more advantages to edit in pro editors that automatically find mistakes for you.
  • There are many advantages of HTML but here is another that we can easily remember and practice on it freely. Almost supports and easily integrates to all other languages.
  • We have no need to create connections like PHP coding, CSS coding no need to write scripts like JavaScript.
  • The pros of HTML do not end here. I have advice for you that if you want to become a software or computer engineer then you must have to start learning HTML first because it is an old and the mother of all web languages. 

In the above two parts we learn all the pros and cons of html and then advantages in details. Now we will move to our third and last part that is all about Disadvantages.

What are the Disadvantages of HTML?

  • The first drawback of html is that we can create only simple pages in it. Very difficult to create big databases or multi functional websites.
  • Nowadays there are many software by which we create all the web pages with one click. So many people avoid writing long codes and don’t like coding in HTML.
  • If you are thinking about creating a website only in HTML so remember that the security is not secure with only this code. You must have to insert some strong security codes and scripts that are not possible without other languages.
  • As we all know that security of html is not so strong and another cons in the list of disadvantages are that we can not create stylish pages in it. We must have to use CSS language to create our website stylish and animated. 
  • Few years ago when people were coding and creating web pages in HTML there was separate coding for mobile versions. But nowadays we just install a theme and everything is set for all screens.
  • Here is not the end of the disadvantages of HTML; plenty of drawbacks are more but it’s end for now. 

Ending Note:

I hope all students like my topic that is all about “Advantages and disadvantages of HTML” now if you want to become a software engineer or computer engineer then you must learn this A2Z. If you want to become a blogger and want to work fast and earn money then just avoid it and just learn the basics elements. Basic elements are easily covered in three to four days. That’s the end of Advantages and disadvantages of html.

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