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Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family System Essay



Pros and Cons of Joint Family System

Joint family system and living separate after the marriage both have advantages and disadvantages. But in this topic we will discuss some pros and cons of Joint family system especially in the Asian countries. So let’s read some advantages first;


The advantages of a joint family system are many. It allows for a greater sense of stability. It also provides for an environment where everyone is able to succeed, no matter what their background, upbringing or status in life may be. In this article, I will explain how joint families can help you as a business owner.

advantages of joint family system

What are the Advantages of Joint Family System?

  1. The joint family system secures the benefits of social division of labor. Each member of the family shares the responsibility for their personal affairs. Each member in the household is given personal work based upon their skills. All phases of the family’s existence is handled by each member of the household including children and women. This helps the entire family unit develop a sense of community.
  2. A family structure also allows for a great sense of support. No one is left behind in any area, and every member is able to contribute to the success of the other members of the household.
  3. If the family can be built upon strong roots, then the children will have a better chance of staying in school. When a family is cohesive and unified, there is a much greater possibility that the children will stay with the same school district throughout their lives.
  4. Another advantage of a joint family system is that they tend to grow up together. If you decide to separate at some point in time, your children may not be able to follow the same path. By living in a household where all members are close to each other, your children will be able to understand their parents’ decisions and be able to understand the different aspects of their family. This will make them more responsible adults, who are less likely to be involved in rebellious actions.
  5. In addition, a joint family system also tends to keep the children away from drug and alcohol abuse. These problems can be difficult for a child to overcome when they are raised by his own parents, but with a family structure, this is not an issue.
  6. There is a greater chance that children will achieve self-esteem and confidence when living in a joint family system. They are able to socialize with the rest of their peers and the entire family unit is able to benefit from their efforts. The socialization process encourages creativity, self expression, and problem solving skills.
  7. The advantages of having a family unit also include the advantages that come with it. You can get closer to your loved ones because you know them. If your family is very close then it becomes easier for you to bond with your family. This bonding also makes your relationship with your family stronger. So if you want your family to grow together, then it is best if you should have a strong family unit.
  8. You also can save on your family expenses. This would include buying groceries for the family, since food is cheap, babysitting, house care, etc. In fact, there is hardly any family that could function without the services of their relatives. Next, there is less risk in losing a family member due to sickness. The children are also less susceptible to various diseases due to the presence of a larger number of members. When your child goes to school, you don’t need to go out to look after him since the parents of the child to take care of everything for him.


We all love our families and we can never stand having to deal with the disadvantages of having a household of one. There are so many different advantages to having a household, but right now I am not going to be biased so let’s discuss the disadvantages of joint family in more detail in the following blog.

I know, you can’t help but ask why I would even mention the disadvantages of a family. You know it’s bad enough living alone and without your spouse, and if you have kids then it gets even worse. Well if you have a family then obviously they are going to be there all of the time. They are your family too and if one of them is sick then the whole family is affected.

Conflicts in a family do occur and it is important to take the time to talk about the issues with each other. Be sure to discuss how you feel about the situation. Conflits have to be solved by mutual discussion and it can only be done when you are in a joint family system.

Disadvantages of a family do not necessarily have to come from your relationship with your spouse or significant other. Some of the greatest disadvantages can be caused by the difficulties that you experience trying to keep up with your children when you are on your own.

disadvantages of joint family system

What are the Disadvantages of Joint Family System?

  1. The biggest disadvantage occurs when the children do not get the proper attention that they need. This can cause them to become unruly and disobedient. When a parent is not present, they are far more likely to start trouble because they are more interested in themselves and are unable to focus on other issues.
  2. The next disadvantage is that it is difficult to make sacrifices if the couple does not want to. . One may decide to stop going to MASJID or church or go on vacation, but this choice will eventually affect the other family members as well.
  3. Sometimes, it is also hard to let go of a loved one because they feel that they are still part of the family. When a parent decides to leave, the children sometimes feel that they are not getting all of the love and attention that they deserve. It can even lead to resentment between the two families.
  4. Disadvantages of a joint family system may include the loss of friends, privacy, and independence. When you leave the home, you also lose the ability to support each other in your endeavors. A family system is one that allows both parents to work together and give their full attention to the kids.
  5. The disadvantages are basically due to the disadvantages of having your family together. If one of you has a problem, which may be psychological, that affects everyone and is therefore out of everyone’s control then it can become a very nasty situation indeed.
  6. I just mentioned the disadvantages in the previous paragraph, which are directly related to the disadvantages of having children together. If one of you has a physical problem, which is oftentimes the case, then it becomes the problem of altogether. It also makes having children a whole lot more difficult.
  7.  Another disadvantage is that a joint custody arrangement requires both parents to work and live with the children. This is actually an unfair and unbalanced division of responsibility and one parent is left with all the children. If the parent that works does not get paid they will have to get a second job to make up for the lack of money and the other parent can simply spend more time with the children, which will also leave the child with a lack of supervision. This can leave both of them resentful.
  8. Although we all like to be with each other all of the time this does have some disadvantages. When one parent is away from home and on vacation or on business this leaves the other parent with no time for themselves and their children. It can leave both parents resentful and depressed and you can find yourself with a family who simply doesn’t feel the connection that you do between you and your children.
  9. You will have to pay for your home too if one of you is staying longer than the other and if one of you decides to stay longer it will mean that you both have to live in the same house. The disadvantages of living in the same house can be offset if you get a better property to rent and you get more money, but that means the disadvantages for the kids and you are still living in the same house.

Final Words:

There are plenty of disadvantages but I feel that the disadvantages are so great that we should look at them and see them as an advantage. The biggest disadvantage is that we have to be able to make time to spend with each other and enjoy the time together. So maybe if we all agree that our children are better off living with us then we should just let go of the disadvantages of having a household and have them grow up as a family.

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