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Don’t Delay: How to Overcome Your Fear of a Cancer Diagnosis



It is natural to feel afraid of a cancer diagnosis. However, potential symptoms don’t mean you have the disease. If you do, the sooner you receive a diagnosis, the more likely you’ll stop cancer in its tracks.

You must face cancer head-on to increase your chances of making a full recovery. According to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), every month of delay in cancer treatment will increase the risk of passing away by approximately 10%.

Don’t leave it too late for your and your loved ones’ sake. Read the following advice on how to overcome your fear of a cancer diagnosis.

Take It Step by Step

As stated, you mustn’t delay in receiving a cancer diagnosis. Yet, the thought of picking up the phone to book a doctor’s appointment might feel daunting. As tempting as it might be to avoid making the call, you mustn’t hesitate to do so, as your quick actions could save your life.

Making the call is a small step you’ll need to take for a diagnosis of your symptoms. Stop obsessing over what it could be and pick up the phone. You’ll be glad you did, regardless of the outcome.

Organize an MRI

If you cannot bear the thought of visiting a doctor for a diagnosis to discuss a potential treatment, you could always schedule an MRI scan at a reputable clinic. Express MRI provides affordable scans to assess soft tissue across various areas of the body, such as the body, abdomen, chest, upper or lower extremities, and more.

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to receive an MRI scan; you’ll receive a straightforward, clear report, which you can present to a physician if necessary. However, you must bear in mind that an MRI cannot detect all cancers, but it is an effective option for those looking for signs of tumor growth in their organs and tissues.

Don’t Rely on Google

As you might be afraid of a cancer diagnosis, you might obsessively explore Google for your symptoms for peace of mind that you’re okay. However, the best peace of mind you will receive is from a doctor and testing, which is why you must step away from a computer and reach out to experts in the field. The internet is no replacement for medical expertise, as it’s full of inaccurate and contradictory information and scary stories that won’t help your anxiety.


If a friend came to you and told you they were worried about cancer, you’d likely be the first to tell them to make an appointment with a doctor, which is why you must not delay.

If you cannot bring yourself to make an appointment, other options are available to help you identify if you are living with a disease, such as organizing an MRI scan at a reputable clinic or a private blood test, to name a few options.

Do not delay seeking medical attention for your symptoms, no matter how big or small they are, as your fast actions could put your mind at rest quicker, or help you catch the disease early to recover.

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