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BlueShield EMF Protection Devices: The Tesla Plugin and Tesla Cube



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Are you conscious of your safety and your family’s safety? Are your health and your family’s health your top priority? Is the ultimate health of the people you love something you would never compromise on? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are at the right place. In today’s world of technology and the internet, technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, 5G, amongst many others, are all extreme sources of EMF, which is potentially harmful to your health. Therefore, we bring the BlueShield EMF protection devices to you, the perfect series of devices to protect you and your family.

A run-through of the BlueShield Technology:

Electromagnetic fields are all around us, no matter where we are, owing to the rapid increase in technology, routers, and internet services. Smart meters, WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile phones, 3G, 4G, and 5G are all great contributors to EMF production, and we all use each of these daily.

Thirty years back, the Blue shield technology was formulated in New Zealand. Since then, it has become the leading device and technology used to protect people from the potentially harmful effects of these human-made electromagnetic fields.

The best part about the tesla BlueShield device is the diversity between them and their different models, which you can use according to any lifestyle and in any place, be it your home, workplace, school, car, or even portable devices you can carry along when you travel.

The diverse BlueShield models:

BlueShield EMF protection devices are available in three different types: Home units, Automobile units, and Portable units.

Home units and how to select the one for you:

The tesla blue shield home units comprise five different units, each of which gives you an extra level of EMF protection depending on the location of your home and the intensity of the EMF radiation near your home. When looking for a blue shield tesla device, take into consideration the following points:

  • The amount and power of the mobile phone and WiFi signals surrounding you and your home.
  • The number of antennas present in a 2-mile radius from your home.
  • The amount and type of smart devices in your home; wireless doorbells, baby monitors etc.
  • The electricity source in your home.

After you have carefully considered the EMF activity you and your home are exposed to; you can choose one of the following devices accordingly (ranked lowest to highest in terms of strength): Tesla Plugin, Tesla Cube, Premium Cube, Tesla Ultra, and Premium Ultra.

The BlueShield Tesla Gold Plugin:

From the BlueShield Tesla gold series comes the BlueShield device. This BlueShield tesla emf protection device is suited for you if you have at least eight cell towers in a 2-mile radius from your home. It is specifically designed for homes with medium or small EMF radiation exposure.

The tesla BlueShield gold plugin comes in a very stylish, sleek design and two colors, black and white. Its design makes it easily blendable in any environment, be it your home or your office. Coming with four different international plug kinds, it is known for its 45-meter radius range in every direction, giving you the ultimate protection.

The technology inside the plugin is the latest: the new high-end multi-wave scalar waveform configuration making it the best blue shield tesla protection device against all kinds of EMF radiations, be it 5G, WiFi, or Bluetooth.

Furthermore, the best part about it is that it uses insanely less power and to get its full advantage, you should plug it in a central location in your home or office.

The BlueShield Tesla Cubes:

With double, the protection, double the strength, and coverage of a 90-meter radius in every direction comes the blushield tesla gold cube series. When the cell towers near your home are more than 8, you should opt for this device to protect you. It is specifically designed for places exposed to medium or high EMF radiation, potentially very harmful. Therefore, if you have your home or office located in a 1 km range of a cell phone tower, WiFi router, or smart meter, you need to go for this cube.

Coming in a black and white ABS case, with the high-end advanced new technology of multi-wave scalar waveform configuration, the BlueShield tesla emf protection device works best when you set it up in the central part of your home or office. A bedroom is the most recommended place, and from the bedroom, the cube will be able to protect all of your areas quickly.

To go with this and to protect you on your go-to travels as well, you can add the accessory of the BlueShield tesla gold portable device to it at a highly economical price. The mobile unit is battery-driven, compact in size and shape, and lightweight to carry along in your bags quickly. Its handy size does not affect its performance which is similar to that of a tesla plugin or tesla cube. Moreover, you can add on a BlueShield auto unit to keep in your car for protection when you are traveling.

A beneficial choice:

We have already seen and established the fact that EMF radiation of any kind can be potentially detrimental to your health. No matter which device you choose from the tesla plugin and cube, the benefits you avail are numerous and cannot be ignored. These benefits are what make the BlueShield tesla reviews five stars.

  • Emf exposure leads to a person feeling tired and exhausted. This tiredness results in a lack of focus, concentration, and consequently a reduction in work ethic. Using a BlueShield protection device, the EMF radiations are reduced, and as a result, you don’t feel fatigued anymore.
  • A reduction in fatigue further results in an increase in energy levels which drives you to work harder and produce better outputs at whatever you do.
  • EMF radiations may have many adverse effects on your health, including sleep disturbance, headaches and irritability. With a lowering of these radiations, these effects are eliminated, and ultimately your sleep cycle improves, and you feel at peace.
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Danish Oil Advantage and Disadvantage



Danish Oil Advantage and Disadvantage

Do you know about Danish Oil Advantage and Disadvantage? Danish oil is intended for finishing because it comprises a large proportion of mineral oil. This large percentage is a strong cleaning oil. The natural oil in Danish will start to overcome, the wood will not get sticky and will stay dry anti oils can make the wood decay over time. The smartest way is, it’s always going to bring out the charm to furniture.

Other advantages of Danish oil are that it offers high resistance to something like a chemical process, protects your wood from scratching, and does not change color over time. It also secures you from all kinds of heat and scratches.

How to Apply Danish Oil:

Until applying, make sure that the sanded smooth is finished and that the layer of the wood is flawless. Remove all the dirt from the floor. You may also use a cling tool to clean any micro-particles of dirt.

To prevent irritation, always begin your job, where the atmosphere is clean and calm. Other than that, the position should be well ventilated at room temperature. Use a piece of fabric or any extractor to apply the first coating. Leave the wood for thirty min. After that, add the Danish finish again. Make sure the first coating has already been absorbed into the wood. You can even add layers before you’re satisfied! More layers are going to make the surface even.

Danish Oil Advantage and Disadvantage

Advantages of Danish Oil:

  • Improves the Texture:

Due to its wood absorption properties, Danish finishing protects the wood not only from the outside but also strongly protects the wood from the inside. It nurtures and treats the wood from the inside. This product of Danish oil gives an extra dimension to the beauty and charm of the woods.

  • Easy to Apply:

The Danish finish is really comfortable. You’ve already come to understand how its functionality runs. You need to remember are that you always add this oil to the surface of your wood and apply at least 3 adhesives for an excellent tint.

  •  Water Resistent:

Danish oil coating is water and liquid resistant. Since the fibers include the elements of polymerization, they have a strong texture on dried. Danish oil is known as hard-drying oil because, when the fragments react with oxygen in the air, they are polymerized into a solid sheet.

  • Flexible:

It’s really getting tough after polymerization, but it still has the fantastic quality of being flexible. Suppose that your wood stretches or contracting, for whatever reason, do not influence your finishing because of elasticity. The oil finish is also going to expand with your wood. If you use Danish oil, you won’t find any marks on your wood.

  • Used as an Abstract:

It also has the benefit of being used as a primer. A Danish oil primer may be used on bare wood before being exposed to some kind of paint. It will improve the quality of your paint, and will not cause your coating to be harmed. It ensures higher quality adhesion by externally and mechanically connecting the paint to the floor.

The disadvantages of Danish Oil:

There are few drawbacks with regard to the application of the Danish oil finish.

  • Daily Maintenance:

A major downside to the use of Danish oil is that it needs consistent and diligent defense. This repair allows the wood to be cleaned for the quality of your wood. It also involves refreshing your wood with the same oil finish.

  • Time-consumption:

It’s taking a lot of time. The explanation is that when using Danish oil, sanding must be done before the first coating and the estimated drying time for each coating can be 3-4 days.

Drying depends entirely on which form of Danish oil you are using. Accepting a proper view of your wood, it is suggested to use at least 4-5 layers of coating.

  • Very little lifespan:

Danish oil does not make a very healthy, long-lasting finish. Compared to the majority of other oils, the percentage of longevity is very poor. Reliability rate also influences its sensitivity to dirt and can be quickly rubbed over time.

It is also less safe compared to other finishes, such as paint or varnish, which could be a better option for certain particular items that we use more.

  • Spontaneous Fighting:

It is clear that when open to sunlight, Danish oil is becoming more and more difficult, and is a benefit rather than a drawback. But exothermic reaction can result in fire which becomes dangerous.


Based on the Danish Oil Advantage and Disadvantage, we would suggest that it be used in new forests in which all circumstances are appropriate. It’s clear that it provides a really good result for wood finishing and makes the wood look richer. Its absorption power is high and safe for use in children’s toys. It is very inexpensive as well as very easy to apply the technique.

Read more about : Deep Cleaning Teeth

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Deep Cleaning Teeth



Advantages and Disadvantage of Deep Cleaning Teeth

This article is all about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Deep Cleaning Teeth. Want to read necessary information like, What it is, Advantages, Benefits, Drawbacks, Disadvantages, Pros, and Cons, Before and After, Cost and Price and much more. So let’s start and read all the Advantages and Disadvantages.

What Is Deep Cleaning Teeth?

The process of deep cleaning teeth is done by a cosmetic dentist in order to treat gum disease and periodontal disease. The purpose of this is to get rid of plaque and tartar that is present on your teeth. This is also known as root planing or scaling and is usually carried out in a dentist’s office. Our topic is all about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Deep Cleaning Teeth.

Advantages of Deep Cleaning Teeth

There are many “benefits to deep cleaning your teeth”. It not only helps in whitening the teeth, but it also keeps them in good condition. If you are interested in this, then read on to learn more. First of all, it is important to understand what it means to clean the teeth. The teeth are made up of minerals and other substances which are usually found in the enamel. These minerals are needed by the body to fight off various diseases. If these minerals are not present in the teeth, then this can result in a number of problems.

  1. First Benefit: Tooth decay is one of the leading causes of bad breath. This is due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth. It is very important to have healthy teeth because if the bacteria grow out of control, it can cause other serious illnesses. This is where deep cleaning your teeth comes in. It helps in removing bacteria and plaque from the teeth and it also helps in keeping them away from infection.
  2. As well as this, deep cleaning your teeth can also help in eliminating the buildup of tartar which is formed when the tooth is used for eating and drinking materials. If the plaque stays on the teeth for too long, then this will result in a number of complications. By cleaning the teeth regularly, you will be able to eliminate the plaque.
  3. However, before we talk about the benefits of deep cleaning your teeth, it is important to understand the benefits of regular brushing and flossing. Regular brushing and flossing will help in keeping the teeth free of plaque. However, it is important to understand that the plaque that forms on the teeth can be difficult to remove without the use of dental products. This is where deep cleaning your teeth comes in.
  4. Plaque is caused by the foods and drinks that are consumed by the person. Once it starts forming on the teeth, it has the tendency to stick to the tooth and stay there for some time. This results in the formation of plaque. Once plaque grows on the teeth, it has a tendency to harden and becomes hard to get rid of. Once the plaque is removed, the teeth will look white and the dentist will be able to see them very easily. This will be a huge boost to the confidence of the individual. Therefore, it is important to keep the teeth looking healthy.
  5. To summarize, there are many advantages of deep cleaning your teeth. It not only helps in maintaining the health of the teeth and gums, but it also provides a lot of benefits for the overall health of the person. It also looks apparently attractive and healthy.
  6. Advantages of Oral Health: Apart from being able to clean your teeth and gums, deep cleaning will also help in improving the oral health of the person. The regular use of deep cleaning will ensure that the teeth and gums stay healthy and do not become infected.
  7. As mentioned earlier, deep cleaning helps in improving the oral health of the person. Therefore, it is recommended that people should brush their teeth regularly and floss their teeth regularly as this will ensure the prevention of tooth decay. This eliminates the risk of any mouth-related diseases, mostly cancer.
  8. The last benefit in the list of advantages of deep cleaning teeth, People should try to maintain good oral hygiene in order to keep their teeth healthy. Regular brushing and flossing will help in maintaining good oral health. Regular Brushing will also help you get rid of the bad odor of the mouth.

People should not forget to drink an adequate amount of water so that they will be able to maintain regular dental treatment. A lot of dental problems can be prevented if they do regular dental treatment in the correct manner.

Disadvantages of Deep Cleaning Teeth

Not everyone wants deep clean teeth. Many times a simple dental cleaning that you get in the dental clinic is enough to remove the plaque buildup and keep the gums healthy. But if you have any of these symptoms that you believe may have arisen because of deep cleaning teeth you should see a dentist immediately.

  1. The biggest disadvantage is the cost. A tray can cost you hundreds of dollars.
  2. Breath Disadvantages: Constant bad breath caused by something else. The main reason for bad breath is bacteria that exists in the mouth. This bacteria breaks down protein in the mouth and releases volatile sulfur compounds, which smell like rotten eggs. If your teeth are not cleaned regularly, this bacteria can build up and cause an offensive odor.
  3. Tooth sensitivity, especially after meals or after drinking coffee or tea. When your teeth are exposed to these things, they become more sensitive and this is why you need to brush them more often.
  4. Disadvantages of Sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity can be very hard to control so the longer you let your teeth be exposed to these substances, the harder it becomes to stop. And when you do stop, the problem usually returns.
  5. Bacteria can also cause discoloration of your teeth. The color you see on your teeth is called enamel. It is made up of three layers of minerals, proteins, and other elements that give it color. The top layer is called the dentin. And the second layer is called the periodontium. If anyone of these two layers begins to break down, it will cause the tooth to look different from its original appearance. There are two most common types of methods that can be used to clean the enamel of your teeth. One is with a special tray that looks like a mouthguard and is installed over the top of your teeth.
  6. You get to wear a special tool for half an hour daily. In addition, you need to use special cleaning agents that are applied to the tray. But you might be wondering why you should use special tools to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. There are many disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the main disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth.
  7. The cleaning agent you use may have some side effects on the enamel. Since the mouth has millions of bacteria, you can end up getting infections.
  8. When you visit the dentist, they may recommend that you use a stronger cleaning agent. If you do not do your research, the cleaning agent will be stronger and more effective. You may need to get your braces removed for some time when you have regular brushing sessions. They may even need to take them off at times. You may even need to make a trip to the hospital if you experience severe damage.
  9. Dental trays can also make your teeth appear whiter. Your enamel does not stay white in the long run. It begins to yellow and becomes flaky after several years. The problem lasts for many years. Even if you go to the dentist regularly, your teeth will eventually look different than they did before. And they may also hurt because you have to take out the brackets every few weeks.
  10. The main disadvantage is the list of drawbacks is that it can be hard to remove the braces. You have to go to the dentist every three years or so to have them removed. if they are old. You can save money on the cost if you follow a program that includes dental flossing and gum cleaning. This will keep your teeth from becoming discolored. In addition, the trays won’t cost you that much.
Teeth Before and After Cleaning

The Dental Procedure

For most people, the concept of a deep cleaning teeth process sounds like something that you would use for removing toothpaste. In fact, this is only one part of the overall deep cleaning teeth process. This is used for removing all the tartar and plaque that is stuck to your teeth. The next part involves taking out the stain that is on your teeth and flossing them.

A professional can also remove any tartar from your teeth that have already formed over time. After that, the deep cleaning process gets really easy. A dentist will take an X-ray of your teeth and will then create a mold of what your teeth will look like in a few months. In most cases, the dentist will do a whitening process to get rid of the discolored stains on your teeth. Once this is done, the dentist will take the mold and use it to create the crowns of your teeth. The next part involves taking the actual dentures and the gumball trays.

These trays are attached to your teeth with the help of metal brackets that are held in place by dental implants. Overall, this is a dental procedure that takes a few visits to complete. This is used as a way of making sure that you have healthy teeth so that you are able to enjoy your oral hygiene.

Cost and Price

Although the cost of deep cleaning teeth depends on your dentist charging rates per patient and more like that but generically speaking it should cost you between $100 and $300. Still we cannot say it for sure as this is an estimate and most of the dentist charge per patient between the ranges discussed above.

Deep Cleaning Teeth Before

We were talking about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Deep Cleaning Teeth. Obviously, before deep cleaning teeth you may feel insecure about your teeth because of its pale color, smell, and what not. This also should be a reason to take care of your teeth properly in order to look confident.

Deep Cleaning Teeth After

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning? After Deep cleaning teeth you emerge as a new man with different feelings. Of course, there are precautionary measures that you have to take care of on a daily basis. It can help you stop gum diseases etc. but as we said there must be precautions to take. You may feel numbness in your mouth so you need to avoid certain spicy food to not make the numbness severe. If any sort of pain persists you need to take some antibiotics prescribed by your dentist or go to your dentist’s office.

Why it is necessary?

Our topic was all about advantages, Disadvantages, Benefits, Drawbacks, merits, demerits, pros, and cons of deep cleaning teeth. Deep cleaning teeth is necessary because it helps you get rid of all the possible bacterial and fungal infections. Ots make your breath smell more refreshing and pleasant and also your teeth look sharp. Last but not least, deep cleaning teeth must be your priority of all medical issues as it can bring some major catastrophes if not taken care of. Please write your opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth in below comment box.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Milk



Advantages and Disadvantages of Milk

Advantages and Disadvantages of Milk are diverse. But before coming to this topic, we should be familiar with milk. Milk is a white liquid made by the mammals to feed their offspring. It has a grand history as milk is in use for 7000 years. During its early era, People who don’t take enough sunshine were advised to drink milk to compensate vitamin D. It is a huge source of all the essential nutrients this the reason doctor’s advice to drink one glass daily to get all the benefits and advantages of milk. Do you know that it contains 3.2 g of protein, 4.8g of carbohydrates, 3.3g of fat, 0.08g of omega 3 and 0.12g of omega6.  There are some adverse effects of milk too. Let’s consider all the Advantages and Disadvantages of Milk.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Milk
Benefits and Disadvantages of Drinking Milk for Health

What are the Advantages of Milk?

The first advantages of milk are that, it is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D. Both calcium and vitamins D are the primary sources for healthy and strong bones as they prevent from osteoporosis. Research says “99% of calcium stores in bones and teeth”.

  • It contains all the useful nutrients such as vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin K and phosphorus that are responsible for healthy bones especially adults.
  • Drinking milk is also benefits to prevent from the bone fracture.

Strong Teeth:

As milk is a rich source of calcium, so it ultimately strengthens the teeth. It should keep in mind that calcium does not absorb directly. It takes calcium to when there is Vitamin D. Good news is that water is rich in both components.

  • Milk provides calcium to the teeth and thus prevents them from decaying.
  • Milk also prevents from the cavities.

Weight Loss:

Drinking milk is an excellent practice for weight loss. Drink a glass of milk in breakfast and use it as snacks on a daily basis. Recent research with 145 children showed that drinking milk reduces the chances of obesity in children.

  • Milk contains many nutrients that help in rapid weight loss.
  • As it is a rich source of protein, so it gives the feeling of fuller throughout the day.
  • Drinking milk during breakfast will boost the metabolism and imparts energy to the body.

Improves Heart Health:

As we know that milk is a huge source of calcium. Drink cow milk as it is a rich source of potassium

  • According to research, the calcium is a crucial component to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.
  • Potassium and Calcium present in milk improves cardiovascular system and reduce stress.
  • According to a recent study, those who consume 4000+ mg of milk every day will have 49% lesser chances of heart attack.

Muscle Growth:

Protein is in abundant in milk and protein is the main component for muscle building. Protein helps muscles to grow faster. Along with the muscle building, milk is the best remedy for muscle soreness too. This is the reason most of the athlete drink milk to after their workout.

What are the Disadvantages of Milk?

Although milk is very popular and it is part of many healthy recipes. At one side if it has many advantages on the other hand there are some disadvantages of milk too. Let’s read the disadvantages now;

Breast and Colorectal Cancer:

Most of the farmer or dairy units put Harmon’s in their fodder to increase the milk production. But these Harmon become the reason for breast and colorectal cancer. Not only these diseases it may be the cause of many other infections for children.

Lactose Intolerance:

Cow milk contains lactose. It is challenging to digest lactose, so it causes many health-related issues such as nausea, gas, bloating and Diarrhea.


Many studies proved that drinking milk triggers acne. If you are getting acne after drinking milk, then you should perhaps avoid it.

Blood Pressure:

An abrupt change in blood pressure is the leading reason for hypertension. Hypertension is closely related to cardiovascular diseases. Some recent studies showed that drinking cow milk might increase the blood pressure.


Well every drink either it is natural or artificial have both advantages and disadvantages. Well say something about our article of “Advantages and Disadvantages of Milk” and write your comments in below comment box. If you have in mind any good ideas or negative effects of Milk. So don’t hesitate to tell us.

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