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Features & Limitations of huawei smartwatch 2



Limitations of huawei smartwatch 2

Welcome to another huawei post, the Apple Watch overpowers the smartwatch market and there is in reality no other competitor if you are looking for a watch with untouchable application support. Garmin and Samsung do well with GPS sports watches that have advanced development following and detached music support. Huawei’s latest watch, the huawei smartwatch 2, offers numerous components and limits like Garmin and Samsung at a lower cost, but it’s not open for buyers in the US. The huawei smartwatch 2 is an extraordinary wearable focused in on the entire day following GPS capacity. It is like manner has a speaker introduced so like an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy watch you can proceed with calls with a related phone. It gives key admonitions from your mobile phone and there could be no untouchable application store to add applications so it’s not really considered to be a smartwatch competitor.

Battery Life

Other than its sensible appearance, the best thing about the watch is its battery. The Watch GT 2 sections a 455mAh power source that can make due some spot right around five days with heart and stress checking turned on. The huawei smartwatch 2 featured the best battery life of any smartwatch I’ve whatsoever point used. There was a day where I had left the watch in my store with under five percent battery (I disregard to charge it present second) it genuinely suffered through the entire workday in my backpack while related with my phone.


Notwithstanding, I’ve never taken a shot at smartwatch brand up to this point. After just about three years of looking into Huawei cell phones, whenever I had the chance to begin investigating Huawei’s smart watches, I seized the chance. Similar to the company’s most as of late dispatched telephones that don’t include admittance to Googles Play Store, the huawei smartwatch 2 is a strong wearable, yet it needs what it needs to coordinate with Samsung’s and Apples smart watches.

The fundamental issue the huawei smartwatch 2 encounters is the shortfall of an application store. While I usually don’t download pariah applications on Samsung smart watches, basically they’re available. The identical can be said about the Apple Watch. Huawei’s LiteOS doesn’t offer any additional applications, and that might be a significant issue for some smartwatch customers.

In UK, the huawei smartwatch 2 moreover needs NFC, which infers you really need to take out your phone or wallet to make purchases. Huawei’s wearable working system is probable satisfactory for specific people, yet if you have any interest in downloading additional applications, you unquestionably won’t be happy with it. This is miserable because Huawei’s A1 processor keeps the watch at a quick speed. There’s moreover a shortfall of customization with the huawei smartwatch 2. Customers are just prepared to browse a few watch faces and the ability to pick what the base button does.


The huawei smartwatch 2 isn’t a terrible smartwatch using every single imaginable mean, and I like the plan and ease of use, including having the decision to recognize unquestionably clear techniques the watch. Its wellbeing following is remarkable, and its battery is superb. As the working construction develops, ideally there will be more customization choices and an outsider application regular system.

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