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Home Refrigerator Repair Service



Home Refrigerator Repair Service

Buying a refrigerator is not a simple (or cheap) task. People frequently save for days, weeks, or even months and then shop around for the best offer. And when you eventually find one that you like, it is a very satisfying feeling. You feel good knowing that you won’t have to go through that process anytime soon, as the average refrigerator lifespan is 10 to 20 years. However, you will have to accept the terrible fact of the matter at some point: your refrigerator will not survive forever.

While refrigerators often require less maintenance and are more durable than other home appliances such as trash compactors or dishwashers, they are not immune from normal wear and tear damage. Problems might range from the little, such as a broken icemaker or water filter, to the more problematic, such as overheating. Because the degree of faults varies, selecting whether to pay for repairs or just buy a new one can be difficult.

The decision is influenced by several factors, including the age and type of refrigerator and the extent of the damage. However, we wanted to make your selection a little easier. If you’re trying to decide whether to repair or replace your refrigerator or need a refrigerator repairman, this article will help you.


When you detect indicators that your refrigerator is malfunctioning, there are a number of considerations to consider before determining whether to repair or replace the machine. These include characteristics like as age, refrigerator type, energy efficiency, and the amount of the damage.

  • Age of the Refrigerator

While the lifespan varies depending on the model of the refrigerator, users can normally expect their fridge to last about 13 years. Some refrigerators, notably the increasingly rare single-door models, have a lifespan of up to twenty years. Common refrigerators, such as freezer-top and side-by-side models, often survive 14 to 17 years. Other factors, such as how well it is maintained for and its construction, might also affect the longevity of your refrigerator.

There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your refrigerator. This includes keeping the unit away from direct sunshine and heat-producing gadgets like microwaves and dryers. It is also critical to keep the coils on the back of your refrigerator a few inches away from the wall to avoid damage to the insulation. You should also clean the coils, door seals, and drip tray at least once a month. Gaskets will not dry out and crack as a result of this.

If you’re still confused about whether to replace or repair your refrigerator, a good rule of thumb to remember is that the longer you’ve owned it, the higher the possible repair cost. If your refrigerator is more than ten years old, repairing it may be more expensive than purchasing a new one. If you need Refrigerator Repairman for your old refrigerator get on here.

  • Type of Refrigerator

When deciding whether to replace or repair your refrigerator, it is critical to evaluate the model of refrigerator you already own, as some are more difficult and expensive to repair than others. According to a Consumer Reports study, while deciding whether to repair or replace, the following recommendations should be followed.

Side-by-side refrigerators should be fixed within a five-year period and replaced after that.

Bottom-freezer refrigerators should be fixed within seven years and replaced thereafter.

Refrigerators with top-freezers should be fixed within three years, considered for repair within three to six years, and replaced if older than seven years.

PRO-TIP: Always check to see whether you have a warranty or extended service before considering replacement or repair. With a warranty, you may usually have the refrigerator replaced or fixed for free. However, if your refrigerator is more than ten years old, you are unlikely to have a guarantee on it.

  • Energy Conservation

If your refrigerator was built before 1992, you are most likely paying exorbitant electricity expenditures. In 1992, Energy Star began grading refrigerators in order to identify and promote energy-efficient devices while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. According to Electricity Star, a ten-year-old refrigerator consumes twice as much energy as an Energy Star-rated refrigerator. This not only wastes energy and raises your utility costs, but it is also bad for the environment.

As a result, if your refrigerator is more than 10 years old, you should think about investing in an Energy Star-rated refrigerator. After the first month after installation, you will notice a difference in your energy bill. We understand that purchasing a new, energy-efficient refrigerator is a significant financial investment. However, the advantages will begin to exceed the disadvantages almost quickly.

  • The Amount of Damage

We discussed the various types of problems that might occur with your refrigerator earlier, but we didn’t go into great detail regarding the amount of the damage. This is due to the fact that it varies depending on the situation. Regardless of the issue, you should always see a refrigerator repair specialist about any issues before investing in a new machine.

However, as a general guideline, if you have any faulty parts or your refrigerator is more than ten years old, it is generally time to replace it. Consumer Reports suggests replacing your refrigerator if the cost of repairing it is more than half the cost of purchasing a new one.

  • Are you finding a refrigerator repairman or repair service?

It can be tough to locate reputable local Fridge Repair. DEPENDABLE REFRIGERATION LLC  Fridge Repair are all vetted and evaluated to help you discover the finest trader for the job.


Call us to receive an honest quote and we’ll come to your house for FREE if you choose us for your repair.

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Revealed: What are the Best Housewarming Gifts?



What are the Best Housewarming Gifts?

Buying and moving into a new home, especially if it is your first, can be one of life’s biggest milestones. If you have a family member or friend who has recently done so, a nice gesture is to buy them a housewarming present.

When moving into a new home, there is so much to remember. You will often realise there are things you have forgotten or are bound to need to buy new things to fill your new home. Housewarming gifts can therefore be a great help for those who have just moved in and are a nice gesture to show you are thinking of them.

It is often best to ask if there is anything your friends/family want from a housewarming gift as you may risk buying something they already have, and there can be specific items that they might need.

Alternatively, you may want to surprise them with a thoughtful gift. In this article, we walk through our top housewarming gifts to help welcome your friends or family into their new home.

Crockery and Glassware

This is bound to be a successful gift as you can never have too much crockery or glassware! Plates, bowls and glasses are often the subject of accidental damage so it’s always good to have a decent supply.

If you know your recipient likes a certain type of dish or drink, you could get them crockery or glassware based around this, such as some aesthetic wine glasses if you know they are into wine.

House Plants

If you know your new home mover has a green-thumb and is fond of the outdoors, a house plant is a great gift idea. A solid option is a Peace Lily, which has become a favourite houseplant, with its large leaves, distinctive white flowers and air cleansing capabilities.

A great, unique alternative is to get them a houseplant subscription. Bloombox is a subscription service which will send your recipient a handpicked plant and ceramic pot to their door every month!


Airfryers have shot up in popularity in recent years with their ability to cook rapidly and with great results! They are great alternatives to traditional frying and will help you cut down on oil, still guaranteeing a crispy finish to foods such as chips and chicken.

If you know your receiver is not the biggest fan of cooking, this is a great present to help them take the time and stress out of cooking.

Smart home system

A home assistant such as Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Nest will vastly improve your recipient’s new home, granting them the ability to play music, ask questions and even turn home functions such as lights on and off with the power of their voice.

Practical yet fun, this gift will make their lives simpler and help them stay organised.

Slow cooker

In essence the opposite of an airfryer, a slow cooker allows you to put all your ingredients in at the start of the day and have a lovely slow cooked meal ready by the time you get home from a long day.

A slower cooker requires minimal effort but rewards you with delicious meals that will save you time and effort; ideal for anyone with a busy schedule or who wants to take the hassle out of cooking.

Scented candles

Providing both a homely feel and enticing scent, scented candles are a safe option for anyone who has recently moved home.

There are a range of candles on the market with a popular brand being Yankee Candle who provide a range of scents in different sizes. 

This article was written by a quick house sale company We Buy Any Home. If you’re wondering “how can sell my house fast”, head to the We Buy Any House website for more information relating to all property related enquiries.

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Effective Techniques To Pest Proof Your Kitchen



The Top 5 Benefits Of Kitchen Remodeling

The sight of a pest in your kitchen is enough to send a shiver up your spine. It’s a common reaction, partly because something else is in your home and partly because pests can carry a wide array of diseases. If they are in your kitchen it’s hard to know if they have contaminated your food or not.

Of course, if you see one pest there are likely to be many more. In general, they try to avoid humans. The best approach is to click here and get some professional help. This will ensure all the pests, including nests, are eliminated.

You should also do the following to ensure your kitchen is pest-proof.


Pests are attracted to warmth, food, and water. You may think your kitchen is clean. But, in reality, any crumbs on worktops or on floors will attract pests. You need to start by emptying all your cupboards and wiping all the shelves down with warm water and disinfectant.

Alongside this, you should disinfect the countertops and make sure there is no food debris left anywhere.

Once you’ve done this vacuum the floor. It’s a good idea to wipe the sides down after you prepare food and vacuum at least once a day. If there is no food then the pests will go elsewhere.

Put Your Food Away

As part of emptying your cupboards, you should invest in some sealed containers. You can then place all open packets of food into them and this will keep them safe from pests. They won’t be able to smell them and they won’t be able to get to them.

Lift Water Bowls

If you have pets then you probably leave water out for them to drink. Unfortunately, this can attract an array of pests. You need to remove the water bowl and only put water down when the pets need a drink.

Seal Gaps

It’s worth spending a moment thinking about how pests can get in. They can squeeze under doors and through cracks in the walls. You’ll want to check all your walls, inside and out, to make sure there are no gaps or cracks. If there are, seal them up, this will deny the pests access.

You can fit under door brushes to stop pests from getting under any door with a gap.

Get Rid Of Your Rubbish

Pests can be just as attracted to your rubbish as they are to your food. To prevent this make sure you use a sealed bin inside your home. This prevents them from accessing food waste. When you empty it, seal the sack and place it in an outside bin with a lid. Again, this makes it less attractive to pests.

Annual Inspections

You don’t need to wait for an infestation to talk to your local pest control. You can and should have them visit once a year to inspect your home. They will spot any sign of a pest infestation and can help you eliminate the issue. At the same time, they can provide additional tips on preventing pests from entering your home or kitchen.

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How to Modernize Your Home Exterior



Do not judge a book by its cover! Valid as this may sound, it only applies to some cases. In this instance, a house, the exterior of your home matters a lot. Whether you’re looking to sell it or not, it tells a story about the people who live in it, so keeping your home’s exterior neat and appealing is essential.

Why is Exterior Remodelling Important?

Wear and tear affect many things, including the exterior of a home. Most houses usually have a paint finish. In this case, you will notice that the color of the paint initially used would start to fade after a couple of years. Depending on the climate and paint quality, it might even completely wash off. Usually, a few years after completion, a home’s exterior may diminish, depending on what type of finishing such house has.

This situation is not entirely preventable. But you can surely do something to restore the beauty of your home. We’ll list some beneficial and practical tips to give your home that modern exterior finish it deserves and make it a pleasing sight.

Top Tips to Modernize Home Exterior

While some people prefer the minimalist approach, a whole lot of others would rather opt for a more elegant option, like a facade design. There are other alternatives to modernize your home.

Here are our top picks to make your home exterior look modern and exquisite.

  1. Change the exterior proportions: You can achieve this by extending your house upwards or outwards. It would give a more balanced and better symmetry.
  2. Changing the exterior finishing: Painting, boarding, rendering, and cladding are among the lists of options you can choose from in this case. The final decision will be yours, of course, but be assured that CGS Facade will give you professional advice based on what is best for your home.
  3. Changing the roof: While this applies to any building, it is especially true in the cases of bungalows. A complete change or even just a simple replacement of the existing tiles on the roof can give a new look and feel.
  4. Replace doors and windows: One easily noticeable element in a home is the doors and windows. Giving this a new face lift would make a difference in the overall look of the exterior.
  5. Add an extension or porch: If you have space, you can create a porch to add to the home’s beauty. It certainly gives a plus to the exterior finishing of your home.
  6. Update your garden: Gardens are lovely if properly kept. It can spruce up your home if you don’t already have it.

The list goes on and on. Driveways, lightning, and stone columns are great additions to your home’s exterior look. Remember, though, that you must consider state laws when adding to your home. Also, enlisting the services of a professional like CGS Facade will help you get the work done faster and more efficiently.

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