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How to become a full-time stock trader in England?



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For those who don’t already know, stock trading is where someone buys and sells shares (stocks) or other types of securities, hoping that they will eventually sell for more than what they bought them for. Most people do this as a part-time hobby, but some do it as their primary source of income.

For those of you wanting to become full-time stock traders, several things need to be taken into account:

Do you have an area set up specifically for trading activity?

First, you should set up an area dedicated to trading activity. This area needs to be free of distractions; otherwise, you will end up leaving your station for something else, losing money in the process. The best way to combat this is to have a door or curtain you can close so that others cannot see what you are doing.

Alternatively, if your profession allows it, you could use your workstation at work instead of setting one up at home. Either way works fine if it meets all the criteria mentioned above. If necessary, buy earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones so that the only sounds heard are those of the market.

Dedicate time every day to perform your trades.

Next, you need to dedicate time every day to perform your trades. You can’t become a full-time trader without putting in the hours necessary to excel at it, so set aside an hour each day (at least) to check on your positions and make sure everything is running smoothly.

If something isn’t working well for you, take steps to fix it before the day is over; if not, leave it alone because changing things around in the middle of trading can result in losses that will hurt your bottom line.

Know how to react in the event of a crash.

Finally, be aware of when crashes happen and know how to react when they do! Crashes are unpredictable events no one can avoid because no one knows when they will happen. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself for them by having enough capital to weather the storm without too much discomfort.

If that isn’t possible, you need to learn how to trade to minimise your risk during crashes, so you don’t lose too much money if it happens to occur when you are holding shares at the time.

Risks of being a full-time trader in the UK

Let’s consider some of the dangers faced by full-time English traders.

One of the most apparent risks about working in finance is that everyone thinks they’re an expert on financial matters. Because it seems so easy for anyone who works in finance to “pick stocks” and watch their money grow, many individuals have tried their hand at it. But as most professionals will tell you, the markets are full of pitfalls for amateurs who don’t know what they’re doing.

Another obvious risk of being a full-time trader is that every minute amount earned has to be claimed on your taxes – and that doesn’t even include losing money. Given this, it’s easy to see how quickly traders can end up owing large sums


Finally, there’s always the chance that you might not make any money at all. Just like any other job in finance, there’s no sure bet; you could work as hard as possible and still end up with nothing


There are many dangers associated with working as a stock market trader in England, but no one ever said it was easy to make money. Beginner traders are advised to use a reputable online broker like Saxo Bank and trade on a demo account before investing real money. You can also practise different trading strategies, for more on Saxo brokers, find this here.

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