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Top 5 Benefits of Pursuing Agriculture Diploma



Agriculture Diploma

Hope you all know that agriculture is the primary occupation of India. But, do you know that it contributes more than 22% of the gross GDP of India?

Stunned, right? Yes, ranging from cultivation to poultry production, India has taken second place in agriculture at the global level. This fact is supported by its global market value. The Indian Agricultural Market has a value of INR 80,550 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% from 2022 to 2030. 

Don’t you feel, agriculture can be a valuable career option? If yes, then step in with your degree in agriculture diploma in MP and other states.

Find the benefits of this course via this blog.

What is an Agriculture Diploma or Diploma in Agriculture?

A diploma in Agriculture is a scratch-level course that introduces students to nature and engages them in learning agricultural practices from the base level.

This course installs a deep foundation in agricultural concepts via theoretical and practical educational sessions. Students pursuing this diploma in agriculture colleges learn traditional agricultural practices, techniques and nuances under the guidance of experts in the field.

This course is offered for a duration of 2 years at renowned diploma agriculture colleges in India.

Who is eligible to pursue a Diploma in Agriculture?

To pursue a Diploma in Agriculture at the best colleges such as Mansarovar Global University, one of the best agriculture colleges in Bhopal, the candidates should meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • Candidates should have completed 10th grade at any recognised educational institution with at least 50% aggregate score.

Candidates who have completed 10+2 with the science stream can make lateral entry to the second year of a Diploma in Agriculture.

How is admission provided for a Diploma in Agriculture?

Admission to a Diploma in Agriculture in top private agriculture colleges in Bhopal and others is provided on a merit basis considering 10th grade.

With all the basic details about the agriculture diploma in MP and other states, now it is time to know about the top 5 benefits of pursuing this course.

Prominent 5 benefits of a Diploma in Agriculture:

Getting into the field of agriculture is a pride for Indians because it has been and continues to be our primary occupation. Beyond pride, it holds a great career value thus persuading students to pursue a Diploma in Agriculture at the best agriculture colleges in MP and other states.

Here are the top 5 benefits of pursuing an agriculture diploma at the top colleges as Mansarovar Global University, the leading university in Bhopal.

Specialised knowledge in agriculture:

Getting into the field of agriculture requires knowledge of present-day scenarios due to increasing trends and innovations in agriculture practices. Accepting the need, a diploma in agriculture is pursued at top universities in Bhopal and others offer specialised agriculture education.

Students learn in-depth about various aspects of agriculture, including crop cultivation, soil management, pest control, and livestock farming. This specialized knowledge can be valuable for those seeking a career in the agricultural sector.

Practical Skill Development:

Unlike many other fields, agriculture is not built merely on theoretical knowledge. In contrast, to make a career in agriculture, it is essential to develop relevant practical skills. It is made possible by pursuing an agriculture diploma at the best private university in MP and others.

Agricultural diploma programs often include hands-on training and practical experiences, allowing students to develop essential skills in farm management, machinery operation, and other practical aspects of agriculture. This hands-on experience is crucial for a successful career in the field.

Notable Career Opportunities:

Pursuing an agriculture diploma in MP and other states unlocks the door to various agricultural career opportunities in and around India. Some of the notable career opportunities after a diploma in agriculture are as follows.

Job PositionAverage Salary
Quality assurance managerINR 10 LPA
Agriculture OfficerINR 9.60 LPA
ICAR ScientistINR 7.5 LPA
Plant BreederINR 7.76 LPA
Plantation managerINR 5.25 LPA
Agriculture sales officerINR 4.90 LPA
Seed Certification OfficerINR 4 LPA

Chance to contribute to sustainable agriculture:

Getting to know the best agriculture practices that have traits such as eco-friendliness, conservation, etc via an agriculture diploma in MP and other states offers an opportunity for students to practice and contribute to sustainable agriculture.

With a focus on modern and sustainable agricultural practices, diploma programs in agriculture often emphasize environmentally friendly and resource-efficient farming methods. Graduates can play a role in promoting sustainable agriculture, which is increasingly important in addressing global challenges such as food security and environmental sustainability.

Entrepreneurial Trigger:

A diploma in Agriculture at top diploma agriculture colleges in India can be a trigger for your entrepreneurial step in agriculture. Armed with the knowledge and skills gained through a diploma in agriculture, individuals may choose to start their agricultural ventures. This could include running a farm, starting an agribusiness, or engaging in agricultural consultancy services. The diploma program can provide the necessary foundation for entrepreneurial success in the agricultural sector.

These top 5 benefits of agriculture diploma in MP and other states are considered valuable for students’ career establishment in the upcoming years. Opting for a diploma in agriculture offers a great range of benefits in all possible ways, be it a career or serving nature.

Thus, pursuing a diploma in agriculture is one of the best career roads students can take without hesitation.


On making the final note here, agriculture diploma in MP and other states holds a significant range of benefits that can be considered by students for a career in agriculture. While the world is growing in population, the demand for agriculture to meet global needs expands too. To meet this demand, you can be a support with your diploma in agriculture.


  1. What is the scope of a diploma in agriculture?

There is huge scope for diploma in agriculture courses in India as India holds the fourth largest agricultural market in the world and thus offers large-scope agricultural jobs.

  1. What are the job opportunities after a diploma in agriculture?
  • Agriculture officer
  • Plantation Manager
  • Plant breeder
  • Crop consultant
  1. Can I pursue higher education after doing a diploma in agriculture?

Yes. You can go on to do a BSc in agriculture or a PGD course after a diploma in agriculture to get access to jobs with higher salaries.

  1. Do agriculture graduates have career opportunities abroad?

Yes, agriculture graduates have career opportunities abroad as food microbiologists, food processing engineers, agricultural market specialists, etc.

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