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Ways to Save Money While House Moving



The cost of moving into a new home can be high. Fortunately, there are ways to save money while house moving. These tips include enlisting friends and family, having a yard or garage sale, and using old boxes. Something like investing in home warranty plans is a good idea. This will save you money on costly repairs. Other tips listed in this article will help you save money where you can. 

Start purging items well in advance of your move. Sort things by category, and consider whether you really need something before donating or selling it. 

1. Pack Your Own 

Purchasing boxes and packing materials can quickly add up, especially if you need a lot of them. Try asking friends and family who have recently moved or are planning to move for their boxes and packaging materials. You can also ask local stores like grocery, furniture or appliance retailers if they have any extra boxes to set aside for you. 

Before your move, go through your closets and other storage areas to purge items that don’t fit, are out of style or that you haven’t used in a while. You can sell these items on Craigslist or at a garage sale and use the funds toward your moving expenses. 

2. Hire a Moving Company 

A move can be expensive, so you want to make sure you hire the right company. Be sure to read reviews and compare prices. It’s also important to ask the moving company about extra fees. Some movers charge by the hour, while others have a flat rate. 

A good way to save money on your move is to purge your home of items you won’t use in your new place. Donating or holding a yard sale will help you get rid of unwanted items and decrease the number of boxes you need to pack. 

3. Sell Your Old Items 

Almost every household has items they won’t miss, such as kitchen clutter or books they never read. You can sell these things before you move to make some extra money, and that can help offset your moving costs. 

You can also save on packing supplies by selling your used boxes and foam padding from online purchases to local buy-and-sell stores. Just be sure to label your boxes carefully so that they’re easy to find when you’re ready to unpack. In addition, you can use a service like Boxify to save even more on packaging materials. 

4. Change Your Light Fixtures 

Changing your light fixture while moving can be an easy DIY project that can make a huge difference in the look of a room. However, working with electricity can be dangerous and should never be taken lightly.

It’s important to turn off the power at your home’s circuit panel before beginning any work. Also, use a non-contact voltage detector before you disconnect any wires to ensure there’s no electricity flowing to the wires. 

Unscrew your old fixture and remove the canopy (the rounded covering that lies flush with the ceiling). There’s usually some sort of screw holding it in place; undo it, then the canopy should drop. 

5. Cook Your Own Meals 

It can be tempting to order takeout every night during the days leading up to moving day. However, this can be expensive and unhealthy. Instead, make a few meals ahead of time that are easy to cook and will keep you fueled during the move. 

For instance, crockpot meals are perfect for a meal that will stay warm all day. You can also prepare a casserole or pasta. Another way to save money on food is to donate any leftovers to a local charity. This can also be tax-deductible. 

6. Rent a Storage Unit 

Storage isn’t free, but it may be worth it if you have valuable or irreplaceable items that you can’t bring with you on your move. If you’re moving long distance, this option can be especially helpful if you don’t know when you’ll return home and you want your belongings to be waiting for you when you do. 

Renting a storage unit can also be beneficial if you’re combining households and need to get rid of furniture or appliances that aren’t going to fit in your new house. You can make some extra cash by selling or donating these items before the move. 

7. Get Rid of Unwanted Items 

Donating items that you no longer need or want is an excellent way to lighten your load during the move while also benefiting others in need. You can donate your unwanted belongings to local centers such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army or homeless shelters. 

Selling or donating unwanted items before the move can save you money on storage fees and moving costs. You can also hold a garage sale to sell some of your items or throw a “housewarming” party where friends and family bring over their items that they no longer need.

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