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Online vs Land-based casinos: What is better? 



Online vs Land-based casinos

Decades ago, you had to put on your tuxedo or cocktail dress and plan a trip to the nearest casino if you got the urge to play some card games and roulette or spin the reels. However, today, with the growth of the internet, you can enjoy casino games anywhere. Now, there are several online casinos that players can easily access.

In the UK, these online casinos are becoming increasingly popular. The benefits of new casino sites in the UK include their wide selection of games and the bonuses they offer.

Nonetheless, we cannot help but compare these online casinos with the traditional land-based casinos. Thus, players tend to ask “which is best?” Here, we shall discuss both casino types, their unique features, and finally, the best preferable option.

Online casinos

Online casinos came into the industry in the 1990s and presented opportunities that many would never have imagined. One of the reasons it became so popular is the convenience it offers to players. With an online casino, you can gamble from any part of the world.

Even better, these casinos have made their services mobile-friendly. Thus, you can access their games and enjoy the bonuses from your mobile device. In other words, online casinos bring the gaming experience to your comfort zone.

Advantages of Online casinos

Online casinos have certain advantages. You can’t beat accessibility from any part of the world anytime you want. Here are the biggest benefits of gambling online.

Game selection

The internet gives casinos the opportunity to have as many games as possible. Therefore, in an online casino, you will find a variety of slot, and table games like poker, each with unique themes and bonuses. 

Generous bonus offers

Bonuses are one of the things that keep players hooked to the online platform. It is true that land-based casinos offer bonuses but it cannot be compared to that of online casinos.

Easy accessibility

Online casinos don’t just offer several games, they offer them at any time of the day. This is one service that land-based casinos might never provide.

Live games

Do you feel like online slot and table games aren’t interactive enough? Well, online casinos also offer live games for their players. With this, a player has a similar experience to sitting in a real casino. Here, you can compete with other players on the platform and stand a chance to make more winnings.

Disadvantages of Online casinos

Of course, there is one drawback to playing online, compared to visiting a land casino. Here it is:  

Solitary experience

Irrespective of the games an online casino offers, it can not be the same as sitting in an actual casino. Therefore, the experience could get boring as most of the online gambling platforms lack the ambiance of a real gambling environment.

Land-based casinos

Land-based casinos have been around for a long time. These casinos are establishments where players can place their bets and socialize. Although online casinos offer more bonuses and opportunities exclusively for online platforms, land-based casinos also offer games with several bonus options.

Advantages of Land-based casinos

Sometimes the old ways are the best, and there are still some things that land-based casinos still do better than online casinos. Here they are!


Land-based casinos offer several side attractions that serve to further entertain their players. These include bars, hotels, and restaurants.

Social environment

In land-based casinos, several players come to place their bets or play their favorite games. This leads to interaction between gamblers as they share similar interests.

Disadvantages of Land-based casinos

Limited games

Unlike online betting sites, land-based casinos do not offer so many gaming options. Land-based casinos have limited space, which means that they can’t have as many machines or tables on-site as online casinos.

Not as convenient

Unlike online casinos which can be played anywhere and anytime, you have to physically make a trip to the land casino. It takes time, effort and money, and you have to dress to look the part. So while it may be fun to wear your best suit and spend a night at the casino, nothing beats the convenience of spinning the reels on your phone while lounging on your sofa wearing comfy pants, T-shirt and slippers.

Which is better?

Both online and land-based casinos have their perks. Therefore, it all depends on a player’s choice. If you love the wide range of games and easy access to them, you might prefer an online casino. However, if you want to enjoy the feeling of being around other people while playing, land-based casinos are preferable.

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